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Sad Day for Skyline Restaurant, Lake City, MN

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

I learned today that Skyline Restaurant, where the of Skyline Hotel Condos are on Hwy 61 in Lake City, MN has gone down and out.
It was one of my favorite places, located at the end of Lake Pepin, right there next to the water, where the Pearl boat harbors. The food, though sometimes missed a beat, was more often good and plentiful with very fair pricing.
A little word of advice on the side; never order a steak unless you are in a place that calls themselves a Steak House. It’s a special sort of situation that a restaurant that offers some of everything usually cannot cope with.
Anyway, I am so sad about them going down. A couple of new restaurants came to town and that may have pushed the sack over the bridge. I have been to one, called The Rail House, and it’s good, it has some original recipies, like pizza, and such, but it’s not that much different in its offerings, i think that its just that people like something new. We may get “5 senses blind” to a restaurant, it’s food, it’s ambiance and even it’s staff after a few dozen trips. So we go where everyone else is going to hit the latest trend in dining out.
Good luck to the new owners, if there will be new owners and if so, I hope to write about you, too.

What’s New in Wabasha

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Had another great day at the Wabasha Farmer’s Market yesterday by the hospital. Abigail sold us the bread she promised, we took it home and had some this morning as toast and we put some avocado on it. Man, that was good. It’s a very dense but doesn’t go down like a heavy rock. It’s dense, but light and mighty tasty. Just really good ingredients. For four bucks a loaf, I think I can make several meals with it as a base. Good work, Abigail!

Later, we tried baking French toast with Abigail’s bread. It was awesome. We cut 5 pieces of 3/4 inch thick slices into quarters and soaked them in 5 eggs with vanilla, milk and cinnamon. Then placed all 20 pieces into two buttered glass pans, put them in the oven for 25 minutes at 350 degrees F. SO good with real maple syrup or honey.

Sara George got us some of the MOST wonderful tasting strawberries we ever had. We love strawberries and these were so worth the money. Get there early, they might be gone soon.

Another lady had radishes, but we didn’t get there early enough. Maybe next time!

Thanks so much to the wonderful farmers who weed and wait for us to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Thank you so much for your support. I know they really appreciate it.

What’s New In Wabasha

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

This is my first ‘What’s New In Wabasha’ where we will weekly post specials, reminders and notices of happenings, sales and services around Wabasha, MN. We cater to Mom and Pop shops. You know, the kind where you get special products and or services with a special smile attached because we are all in this together and some of us are making
it lots easier for some of us to get it together.

This week because it is my first week, second day of even thinking about this blog, I have two places I want to talk about. Cabbage Patch Garden Center and Floral Gift shops are the first. This lovely compound is hidden from the street view but if you stop and park, you will wonder into a wonderland of plants, shrubs, trees, and more. There is a huge wisteria vine growing over a greenhouse that you will not want to miss and every week the view is updated as the last one got sold! We have purchased many plants and other items from Cabbage Patch and couldn’t be happier with the quality and beauty of our purchases. From rose bushes to wind chimes, all lovely things to help our gardens sparkle!

This week, Brian has some special deals to tell be about and as soon as he does, I’ll tell you.
Cabbage Patch Garden Center
917 Hiawatha Dr W
Wabasha, MN 55981
(651) 565-2995

The second place is Flour Mill Pizzeria in Wabasha. This restaurant with attached ice cream and candy parlor like from the olden days is quite a treasure. I have enjoyed the pizza, fresh as it can be, the lasagna, so Italy, chicken pot pie, Marie Calendar, look out, and lovely red pepper side salad, cannot be denied. If you are hungry on a Monday, they are opened. Nice for me because I am always ready to go out and dine on Mondays. Not so much
Tues or Wed when the Flour Mill is closed.

They have great outdoor seating with the Mississippi River about 100 yards away! And you get to see the whole
river view. So beautiful. Come here to eat after the National Eagle Center, or just come here to eat and you will not be sorry, I guarantee it.

Flour Mill Pizzeria
146 Main St W
Wabasha, MN 55981
(651) 560-4170

Sunday Buffet at Bluff View Bar and Grille at Coffee Mill Golf Club, Wabasha, MN

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

We finally got a chance to try the new buffet as we were encouraged by neighbors who raved about it.
We decided to go and see for ourselves. Isn’t that interesting? Haha. Okay, really, it was good and it
did have everything you would expect for a breakfast buffet including eggs and omelets made to order.
We especially enjoyed the bacon. It and the light patty sausage were very good. Light on the salt.
They put salt on the table, if you want it, go ahead, but don’t make the rest of us suffer. Nice thick bacon, cooked well, not burnt, not stiff like dead wood board, flexible, tasty, but doesn’t taste like maple syrup, apples or grand momma’s raspberry pie. If you want your bacon tasting like other ingredients, let me leave it
up to you to put both together and I’ll just take the bacon.

There were several types of potatoes, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit of all sorts American, mixed vegetables with rice, chocolate chip cookies, a plate of small cinnamon and other sweet rolls. The only thing I did not see was a plate of cheese, and no fish at all. However, I did not miss theses last two items. After all, it is really just a late breakfast.

I did not speak of the ham, pork, and Eggs Benedict because my stomach is just not that big. Maybe you can try them for yourself. To all the rest, I give an A. Thanks to Craig and June, Chef Jeremy and the Staff for a great gathering of food and service.
The Bluffs @ Coffee Mill is available for private events.
Please contact June Alper for details.
She can be reached at 1 (651) 565-4332 or
by email at

Wabasha Farmers Market Opening Day

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Four great vendors came out today, despite the threat of rain and held shop underneath

  • the Bridge in Wabasha. I, for one, was so glad to see them after 7 months of No Farmers
    Market! Oh, dear, how did I make it. I tell you how I made it, I had some things I had
    bought last autumn from the WFM that brought me thru the winter. Relish and salsa,
    cookies and fudge. Flowers and their seeds and so much many good memories of
    live accoustic music and chats and freshly grown local fruits and veggies.

    Today we heard live music from two charming ladies who played American and Irish
    folk music for us. We are always happy to leave them some dollar bills because they
    don’t charge for their tunes and it’s worth a million bucks.
    We also had a nice chat with a couple who sell herb plants and wooden eating spoons,
    hand carved, beautiful and a bit too expensive for us today, as we had a limited budget,
    but I think I am going to try and save my nickels and dimes for at least one. We did get
    some healthy and lovely basil and rosemary plants.

    We also met Sara from Pepin who runs the Wabasha Farmers Market, see
    Sara (715) 442-2488 for her excellent picante or for
    details about the Wabasha Farmers Market. They are looking for vendors, too.
    Sara has a lot of good ideas to expland the Farmers Market and we can all
    help by supporting and participating. When it all comes down to it, the
    farmer is are our best of all friends.

    Stumble Inn2, Plainview, MN

    Sunday, May 26th, 2013

    We were directed to this Bar and Grill near the Plainview golf course by the Cake, inc people.
    I cannot tell you where it is right now, but if you are in Plainview, anyone will help you out.
    Lots of nice people there.
    Anyway, we had some Stumble Inn Chicken and some Stumble Inn Hamburger both with
    Cheddar cheese, bacon, speical sauce and I had the best cole slaw I ever had, and we
    shared the super perfect French fries. Mmmmgoood. Really good food, and a buffet
    on Friday night with all kinds of fish and good salad stuff, I am told.
    We had iced tea, a little light for my hubby, but a little strong for me. The owner was gone
    that day, but his Mom was there and she is a peach.
    I also loved the atmosphere. We felt like we were sitting right under the big old trees outside
    and it was dark and cool on a summer like day. Check them out and say ‘hi’ for me.

    Cakes, Etc

    Friday, May 24th, 2013

    When you happen to be in Plainview, Mn, in southeastern Minnesota, you’d be very sad to hear that you had
    missed going to this very tiny, very quaint bakery with giant huge flavor and awesome tastiness when it comes
    to their cupcakes, of which I had many.
    We had heard through the grapevine that the cupcakes were quite good so we took a little 15 mile hop off Hwy 61 to Plainview and found this bakery shop right away on Broadway and 3rd Street. You cannot miss it as you drive into
    town because it is the only pink store on that main strip. Like right out of a kid’s book, this shop sticks right out.

    The cupcakes are so good I cannot imagine how they would ever be better. I had the coconut with cherry on top and chocolate cake, I also had the lemon cake and icing with raspberry in the middle and a lemon candy drop atop of lemon icing and raspberry candy coating. The ingredients are top notch and taste as fresh as can be. I also had a brownie, which would be what I could make if I could, and a maple cupcake which was just delish! I also have the nut roll, but no room to eat it a day and a half later. Sorry, you’ll have to see it for yourself.

    I would recommend this shop to the Pope and his mom, it’s so good. They also have tea and coffee.

    Stop by and tell them Bright and Doug sent you. Have a great time and don’t forget some to take home to your favorite people.
    Cake, Etc.
    321 W. Broadway
    Plainview MN 55964

    Wine Tasting Tips

    Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

    I liked this short article on wine tasting tips;

    Bluff View Restaurant and Bar at Coffee Mill Golf Course

    Saturday, February 16th, 2013

    Well, it was a very happy Valentine’s Day for me and my sweetheart last Thursday. I have not been out of my house for several weeks now, due to various factors and reasons. So, it was SO good for me to get some take out from the Bluff View Grill. The restaurant has taken on a new chef who seems to know what he is doing. DIdn’t catch his name, but his cooking is El Besto Evero! We didn’t have anything too fancy, but it was done to perfection. I had the almond encrusted walleye with baked potato and relish cream sauce, grilled carrots, peppers, and zuchini with a side salad of baby greens and feta cheese with red onion. And my sweetie had a 14 oz ribeye steak, garlic mashed potatoes, veggies and salad like mine and then we both had the bread pudding with whiskey caramel sauce. All under $50, packed up very nicely. I will go there again, and very soon. Hope to see you there.
    See for all the details and special hours of operation. Handicap Accessible.

    Rivertown Cafe, Wabasha, MN

    Saturday, November 17th, 2012

    We were lucky to get a chance to visit the new and improved by new management of the Rivertown Cafe on Pembroke Avenue, Wabasha, MN. They keep short hours, til 3 PM most days and they do very well at serving a nice, low salt,
    light touch menu.
    I was very pleased to see salt and pepper on the table, along with jam, sugar, cream and condiments, like in the old days.
    They also served a couple of pieces of pickle with the chicken sandwich D had, and my wrap came with a big helping of ranch dressing. The side salad actually had three cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds and a bit of ham, cheese and cabbage and a nice dab of dressing. My chicken wrap was filled with all kinds of good stuff and the wrap itself was light and deliciously so. (Regular readers may know how I have been complaining about the little extras being reduced week by week until now, we felt lucky to get a plate with our meals.)
    They have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, even including meat loaf, hot roast beef and hot turkey sandwiches.
    The atmosphere was clean, plain, very 50s, booths and tables and chairs, and the service was helpful and willing to make the tea right for us. The prices were a bit below local competitors and they don’t serve liquor.
    All in all we had a good experience and would recommend the Rivertown Cafe to others.
    Note: Pembroke Avenue is the street that runs into National Eagle Center.