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A Little Story About Human Nature

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

I think this story just exemplifies human nature.

This man was shipwrecked on a small island in the South Pacific. The island was not close to the normal shipping lanes, so it was about 5 years before he was discovered by a Navy patrol plane. When his rescuers came to get him, they were shocked to see various buildings he had erected out of native trees while he was there. He was pointing them out- his house, barn and his church. He said that keeping busy with household chores and chores in the barn had helped him keep his sanity. He said that the church was important to keep his faith alive. There was another building up on a little rise, away from the other buildings. When asked what it was for, he replied that that was the church he used to belong to.

The point of the story is that some people even have trouble getting along with themselves. Hope you enjoyed it.

Rate Northfield’s Chain Restaurants

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Good day! One thing we are missing around here is a take on fast food and chain restaurants.Our readers would like to know which places have the best food, service and prices. Tell us what your favorite coffee, sandwich, potato, salad or pizza is. Who sells the best food and drinkfast and cheap? Just leave a comment in the comment box and it will show up within a day.

We have Arby’s, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Taco Oasis, Quarterback Club, Gas Station Food at Casey’s, Kwik Trip, Super America, and China Buffet, Applebee’s and the new Mexican grocery store on Hwy 3. I have blogged Perkins, cuz we like it there so much, but you can leave a comment about them, too, if you want.

Please help us out and tell us where to get the good stuff! Oh, and let me know if I have left any stores out.

Thanks in advance and have a really lovely autumn weekend. :)

Northfield Speaks Up

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

We are trying an experiment here. Post whatever you want, business promo, self promo, ideas, opinions, dance instructions. It’s up to you and your imaginative mind.

Family style only. We will NOT be on time with our monitoring so don’t complain. It’s free! We are promoting a free speech site with only one condition…be nice or at least civil if you want to your message included here. Thanks!