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Sad Day for Skyline Restaurant, Lake City, MN

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

I learned today that Skyline Restaurant, where the of Skyline Hotel Condos are on Hwy 61 in Lake City, MN has gone down and out.
It was one of my favorite places, located at the end of Lake Pepin, right there next to the water, where the Pearl boat harbors. The food, though sometimes missed a beat, was more often good and plentiful with very fair pricing.
A little word of advice on the side; never order a steak unless you are in a place that calls themselves a Steak House. It’s a special sort of situation that a restaurant that offers some of everything usually cannot cope with.
Anyway, I am so sad about them going down. A couple of new restaurants came to town and that may have pushed the sack over the bridge. I have been to one, called The Rail House, and it’s good, it has some original recipies, like pizza, and such, but it’s not that much different in its offerings, i think that its just that people like something new. We may get “5 senses blind” to a restaurant, it’s food, it’s ambiance and even it’s staff after a few dozen trips. So we go where everyone else is going to hit the latest trend in dining out.
Good luck to the new owners, if there will be new owners and if so, I hope to write about you, too.

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Been gone gathering for awhile, but today I am back with a hot tip for cash strapped college students and for people who like a deal while they get to check out some new music at the same time. Doesn’t hurt that there is a Rolling Stone site attached. Have fun!

Wine Tasting Tips

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

I liked this short article on wine tasting tips;

200 Years of Bicycles

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

I thought you bike enthusiasts would like to know about this
wonderful exhibit in an historic museum, large enough to
loose yourself and family for a whole day! The Museum of Science and Inddustry
was my childhood playground. I know every inch of it, butI haven’t seen this
exhibit yet. I am sure there will be a book on bikes in the MSI shop, too.

The exhibit runs for a few years … enjoy!

60 Uses for a Bandana

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

I have not blogged very much lately. But, today, this information was generously given, and I thought it fun, practical and interesting, as I love a good list and a good idea or two within the list.

BandanaUses1 Sixty Uses For a Bandana

Courtesy of: preparing For SHTF

Planning for Next Thanksgiving

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Now I have heard everything! White Castle Hamburger Turkey Dressing.
You can replace the bread cubes or crumbs and meat with one White Castle
hamburger for every pound of turkey. So a 10 -12 lb turkey would get a dozen white castles, some celery,
walnuts, onions and herbs, or however your momma made it,
and OMG! White Castle Stuffing!

Remember to be thankful for all your blessings each day of the

Hey, Stinky!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Today we were at one of my now fav restaurants, no name mentioned, I felt obligated to tell a wait person that the cologne was too much for me and that is why I had not given the usual smile and laugh and happy greeting to this wait person. I had given it some thought because 99 out of 100 times, waitresses and waiters know better than to overwhelm the scent of the food, but more importantly, aggravate people’s allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems with perfume, scented soap, fragrance shampoo and condtioner or even under arm deodorant that has that special scent no one can forget. ARGH.

So, anyway, I say, I have not greeted you well to day because your cologne is bothering me. The reply was, “Oh, I always wear cologne!” I am thinking, not like this. Then I hear, No one has ever told me that before. I say, people don’t want to tell you these things. I just thought you’d like to know why people may not tip you as well, or business is slow in your station. Then, well, I hear a very half hearted, ‘Sorry”. And, um, well, I didn’t need an apology. That won’t help me breathe better next time I am put in the path of the perfumer. So, then, this person gives us back a ten instead of the $9.85 we expected for our change, so we could leave a tip. And
with the $10, a little pat on my dh’s hand, saying you can keep the 15 cents. ARGH! Way not to handle it! We scrounged around and left $3.56 anyway and I said, now I have to blog this.

Please, to restaurant owners, managers, waitstaff and cooks around the world, please know that you are alienating dozens to hundreds of people (depending on your area population numbers) from coming to your restaurant because they are afraid they will have to leave, hold their breath, take extra medicine, face embarrassing coughing fits and goodness knows what all so that they can ‘enjoy’ their time out at a restaurant.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

I have enjoyed the Orchestras in Minneapolis and St. Paul. However, I had to stop going because a nice lady felt a need
to douse herself in cologne or perfume or soap. I could barely breathe, as I sat there with hankercheef over my face for the duration.
After the break, she came back with another dose for me. So many people have this problem, and the people who they might have taken along with them, that I called and told them, you would surely get more patrons if you would ban the use of perfume, or at least put up a sign asking people to be considerate. They said they could not. Sorry about that. So sorry.

Recognizing Genius By Remote Control System

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

First, the back story;

About five years ago, I went on oxygen therapy, 24/7, for COPD. It was prescribed that I get hooked up to an oxygen concentrator machine which is a unit about 3 ft by 2ft by 18 inches approximately, takes up space and the looks are not all that exciting. The machine makes a pumping sound every second or so as it draws air from the surrounding area and filters it so that 90% oxygen can be pushed through to the oxygen patient.

The oxygen concentrator machine is noisy and we were lucky enough to be able to store it out of ear’s hearing range, but then one of us would have to go down two flights of stairs and back to change the oxygen level every time I went from doing to resting and vice versa. Well, now we come to the genius part.

I know a person who does very well with machines, digital electronics, and so forth, and within hours, this person came up with an idea and a remote control system that would actually turn the machine up and down from wherever I was in the house. The rc system used my cell phone which I carry around anyway and a controller and some electronic components, like a small laptop computer at the concentrator location to turn my oxygen levels up or down, as much as possible and all I had to do was open my cell phone and select the level I wanted then find and select the network that was dedicated to this purpose was at my new oxygen level.

Needless to say, this has been huge blessing in my life because turning myself up and down manually was very tiring, boring and disruptive to my life. Having the machine in the room with me would be really boring, too. Oh, I appreciate the oxygen concentrator all right, but I really appreciate the genius, who happens to be my husband, who invented this system for me. And we must not forget to mention what a genius I am to have picked him to marry!

My husband is always looking for an interesting new challenge or project. He is a computer consultant with many talents and he can partner easily with people who need to grow their business, and otherwise move forward. Most recently he devise a plan for a mom and pop business that will save them $250,000 per year, just by making a few in house changes. On a larger level, he completed an involved data center migration in a very short amount of time when a medium sized company had a deadline they could not meet in house which saved the company’s biggest client from leaving them.

You can find him and tons of recommendations on LinkedIn, and although he does many jobs, he also finishes them and so we are always networking to find more work. He has proven to be an asset beyond the original reason for his being hired as he always comes up with ways to improve efficiency and financial approaches to his clients. There are very few jobs my husband has been offered that he wasn’t able to do, that is why he charges by results, not by the hour.
Contact; Doug Spencer at

I’m Staying Home

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

We have been getting out to eat as usual, two, maybe three times per week and I just cannot see why I should continue to support some of these many restaurants around town and beyond.  First of all, I know how competitive it is.  With towns under 5,000 population, few people can afford or even want to eat outside of their familial circles.  And then, there seems to be two or three restaurants opening up shortly after others went down.

The mistakes are still being made though.  The people with money are generally older.  Give them comfort.  Cool in summer, warm in winter. Put some padding on the seating.  Why should I go to a restaurant where they don’t care about my comfort level.  Now, some have music, but it is either blaring, or too soft to hear.  Find a happy medium and let me depend on it.  The prices have gone up.  I understand that, but to lessen the already rather miniscule servings is getting borderline ridiculous.  I am a small woman withe a medium appetite and I am going away hungry now.

And for Pete’s sake, leave the chattering-all-about-me waitstaff in the kitchen…I’ll come and get the meal myself if it means I can have an uninterrupted meal without the stuff I don’t want to know and didn’t ask about.  It’s not on the menu!

Make it family friendly.  Either serve pizza and spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese or have a family night where the parents can actually afford a family spread for 4 or 5 members.  Roasted Chicken and potatoes, with a fruit salad, serves 4-6, $19.95. Comes with pitchers of water and milk.

Okay, rant over.  Good luck, out there!