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This June in Northfield

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

May has been fantastic around here weather wise and so has the entire Spring season.  It’s more like what I was used to growing up in Chicago, where being right on Lake Michigan makes the temperatures more temperate.   I can’t complain at all.  In fact, I will rave on a little about Northfield, as I just picked up one of the Northfield Entertainment GuideTM magazine for June, 2010, a free monthly publication compliments of By All Means Graphics and advertisers…oh, I found the guide at Perkin’s Restaurant where I just had a warmed blueberry muffin,mocha iced coffee, the best bacon mushroom creamed cheese omelette and a taste of dh’s strawberry cheese cake pie.  Oh, my! It was good and I ate too much, but that’s okay because I am back on the right weight train this week.

So, upon perusing the NE Guide,  I found lots of interesting info; we have Taste of Northfield coming up June 17 and 18 at Bridge Square from 4 to 10pm and Mandarin Gardens is opened during the construction on 4th Street, and the June issue of the NE Guide is dedicated to  musicians who really deserve a lot of attention and thanks, I am sure.  Then the Riverwalk Market Fair is opening on June 5th and you can see all about it at

Butler’s now has a deck overlooking the Cannon River, and I cannot wait to check that out.   There is a new restaurant opening at 303 S. Division called Pan Pan*, and I think I want to go there as soon as it does open…Thai coffee, my wish come true, and Asian noodles, my other wish come true.  Let’s see, what shall I wish for next, cuz Northfield is pretty good at making them all come true…oh, and Thanks to all our USA veterans for their good work in keeping the world free from tyranny.

We Salute You !

I don’t know if they mean pan pan as in the nautical call for possible assistance needed, or pan pan as in the small electric brunch pan sold on Amazon.

Save the Date – Garden Tour

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009


Northfield Garden Club
Garden Tour

Flowers and Fine Art

June 27th from 10AM-4PM
June 28th from Noon to 3PM

Tickets – $10
Present Perfect
Hodge Podge Que
Knecht’s Nursery

There are six beautiful gardens to tour and you can also see the Art in Bloom show on Sunday from noon to three, where garden club members and others have created floral arrangements to compliment paintings.  Bring your out of town friends, and the kids will love it, too!

Save This Date-June 27 or June 28

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Okay, now that you have written this date down, you can also plan on strolling The Northfield Garden Club’s Annual Garden Tour.  The official name is Flowers and Fine Art though.   What it is is a tour of six area gardens, not just ordinary gardens, but gardens where much love and attention and hard work is done to create a beautiful space, so beautiful that the gardeners want to share what they have done with all of us.  There will also be an on site artist who will share with you their own wonderful drawings and paintings, lovely creations all.  This is a great way to spend as much time as you like strolling, enjoying the outdoors and seeing inspiring sites and people.

Tickets will go on sale at three locations after June 17 at Present Perfect, Knect’s Nursery, and Hodge Podge Que. Cost $10.

Full disclosure:  I am an avid garden club member and on the garden tour committee, I have to do this.

Further full disclosure: The bad grammar was intentional so you will remember what I want you to remember!  hahaha,  I plot and laugh.

Even more full disclosure:  There will be no full disclosure in the future.   (I kid.)


Friday, October 10th, 2008

Some of us are facing hard times right now. A lot of us won’t be going out to eat quite as much. Or we will be hitting the cheap eats more often than the wine and dine places. I feel really blessed that we spent the last year especially enjoying all the fun and fancy facilities the area has to offer and to share our experiences with you, the hungry, interested reader.

(We hope the restaurants saved up some of all of our money so they don’t go broke in the coming months. We’ll do our best to support them, but I feel happy that I do know how to cook enough to make it interesting at our own kitchen table for awhile.)

Yesterday I received some anniversary presents from my sister. She sent me a box of lovely food related items; a set of four linen tea napkins, a bag of gourmet caramel popcorn, seasoned pretzels, some Republic of Tea honey ginger tea and two microwave coffee samples, a cute ceramic pumpkin, a pear shaped candle, and a book called “Bless This Food” by Adrian Butash (1992).

The book is all about grace, the history and prayers that each religion offers as is customary to thank the Maker for the food and abundance we each receive every day. It is nothing new to say how important it is to be ever mindful of our many blessings as we walk this earth from our first days to our last. But, we do forget as so many other things come into our minds each day. So, let me remind you, and let me offer a few URLs and a suggestion to say grace every day, at least once, twice wouldn’t hurt, either.

Oh, and many thanks to my sister and thanks to my readers for putting up with me! :)

***In your comments, why not post your favorite grace prayer?***

Mediterranean Cruise Cafe – Eagan MN

Saturday, September 6th, 2008

This is a place we have been to about five or six times. We go for the food, but we keep coming back for the
service and we because feel like we have taken a mini vacation when we leave, the food is so healthful, fresh and delicious. The restaurant has been around almost forty years, so you know, what more do I need to say?

3945 Sibley Memorial Hwy
Eagan, MN 55122
(Cedar Ave.S. and Hwy.13 across from Cedarvale Shopping Center)

Ph. 651-452-5991

The Mediterranean Cruise Cafe is moving to Nicolette in Burnsville, Spring of 2009.

The menu is big and complicated. Choose before you go to save time for eating…

…and now I’ll go on to describe each yummy ingredient I can recall;

Olive Oil, smooth, buttery a tiny bit of sweetness, not oily or bitter in any way.

Feta Cheese, again smooth, creamy, pure, not very salty, not too crumbly, the real thing.

All vegetables, deep, rich flavor and color, cooked just right, or if raw, very fresh, lightly dressed…a good vegetarian menu section.

Meats of lamb, beef, chicken, tender but with a bite, deliciously flavorful, just want more.
The shrimp is always what shrimp can be when cooked correctly. Very flavorful and good texture.

Rice, fluffy, tasty, rolls on the tongue, so you can actually bite into it a bit.

Tabouli, the parsley is flavorful, but not overwhelming, tomatoes that are red and fresh, parmesan like
cheese, and lemon, just the right amounts to balance the acid and green of the tomatoes and parsley. Refreshing.

Pita bread, it is served fresh, warm, and with hummus, the best tahinni and lemon and olive oil make the tahini as smooth as a ride to heaven, and makes a great snack if there are leftovers to box up. We typically have 2-3 boxes of food for the next day, there is that much food served with the Mediterranean Special dinners.

Lentil soup, it varies from chef to chef, but it is always a nice thing to have while you are waiting for the main courses, and it is so healthful.

Baklava for dessert. Very light, either walnut or pistachio. Delicious way to end the meal.

Turkish coffee, whooa, Nellie, this is the real deal, and so good. I couldn’t drink more than two or three sips, but it’s great if you have the time and the caffeine inclination.

The service here is amongst the best in the world in my opinion. There are 8-10 courses with the special meals, depending on if you count by food or plate, and you never wait for the next course, you never sit with used dishes for long, the server is proud of his service and considers service an honor. The waiters are very friendly and will even teach you a little Arabic for your pleasure. There are belly dancers on Sunday and well, you will have to check the schedule at their site, and a full bar.
There are many dishes to look at, so I advise looking online, and if you are going to dine during normal eating times, make a reservation. It is a wonderful dining experience if you like fresh and great food served by people who are so good at it, you walk out feeling like a new person.

The Short List-Restaurants I Have Known

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I love making lists of things I have done, will do, want to do, wish to have and is here we have a short list of some of the memorable places we have dined. Just for fun. My review…I’d go back to these restaurants if they are still open and if I were to find myself in the area.

St. Paul, MN
Christo’s Greek Restaurant
St. Paul Grille, St. Paul Hotel

Minneapolis, MN
King and Thai

Eagan, MN
Doolittle’s Air Cafe
Casper’s Cherokee Steak House
Mediterranean Cruise Cafe

New Prague, MN

Schumacher’s, FishTail, Grandma’s, Subway

Litchfield, MN

Peter’s Ribs at the Golf Course, excellent light flavorful sauce, best meat, buffet, too

Tulsa, OK-Tulsa is a restaurant test market town. Lots of great places to eat.
Mahogany Prime Steakhouse

Osage Restaurant-Gilcrease Museum
Adam’s Mark Hotel

The Peach House-closed

Lanna Thai

Zio’s-see real laundry!

Bourbon Inn

Hideaway Pizza-Cherry Street Restaurant

St. Louis, MO
Adam’s Mark Hotel



The Berghoff-the oldest restaurant in Chicago, now closed;
Bowl Mich Restaurant-closed

Hi Ricky’s

Star of Siam

Salerno’s Italian

Geno’s East Pizza-new location

Heartland Cafe-some organic

The Chicago Diner-Vegetarian

Lou Mitchell’s Pancake House, vegan and regular

Pizza Uno

Pizza Due

Oyster Bar

The Pinnacle-turns around 360degrees while you eat

Medici’s, U of C hang out

Thai 55, also U of C area

The Pump Room, Ambassador Hotel

Bowl Mich-closed

Rivers on Wacker Drive

Army & Lou’s Soul Food-South Side

Soul Queen’s Soul Food (buffet)

Leona’s, stays open late north and south side

Piccalo Mundo- Great Italian in the Windemere Hotel,

across from the Museum of Science and Industry


The Chicago Diner, 3411 N. Halsted, 25 years, Vegetarian, very good.

Picallo Mundo – two locations, both very nice.

Tony and Joe’s Seafood Place
Blackie’s House of Beef

Gautreau’s-still closed after Katrina
Brennan’s in Houston, Tx, too
Three Sisters

Pepin, Wisconsin

Harbor View Cafe

Tavern by The Falls

LakeToxaway-new owner

Asheville, NC

Louisville, KY
Churchill Downs Club House
Louisville Inn, B and B

London, England

Palm Court,

The Ritz Carlton

Negril Beach, Jamaica

Holiday Inn

Mama DePasa’s,

Ochos Rios, Jamaica

PlayBoy Club-Don’t worry, there weren’t any bunnies, but plenty of delicious food and buffets that went on forever with just picked fruits and just caught fish and crustaceans!

There are many other great places in San Fransisco, Houston, Dallas, Toronto, etc, but I can’t remember the names right now. Watch for more later, if you are still interested, which I doubt! lol!

Post your fav restaurant memory!

Coming Soon!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

On August 21, 2008, we shall attend a chef’s cook off at Northfield Golf Club.I almost wrote gold club. haha. Anyway, we are looking forward to that andwill share our experience with you as soon as we recover.

I have yet to revisit some downtown restaurants like Tavern, Contented Cow, Reubens, or Chapati. While I like those places alright, I have had some interestingexperiences which are really fun to think about but not while I am eating. Just kidding. All have had decent fare, though sometimes hot on the right side and cold on the left.

Or at the old Bittersweet, I was served a tea I did not ask for, and when I said the tea didn’t taste like the tea I asked for, I was told that it wasn’t the tea, but another tea she hadn’t botheredto tell me about when served…as if I wouldn’t notice. Or the time one woman had so much perfumeon I could barely taste my subtly flavored dish. Or the other time one woman was drunk and loud and lingering throughout our time there. Someone should have asked her to behave herself. I would have but she was billigerent and bigger ‘an me. Put ‘em up, lady!

We’ll go back to B&L Pizza, too. Now, what have I missed, oh, the Hideaway. It’s very comfortable as I recall. And then there is my hubby’s fav, Hogan Brothers hot ham hoagie. It’s good, it’s cheap and it’s right next to the goodest ice cream on the planet, imho. But, more about that later, I have a painting waiting to be finished right now…yes, and I’ll give the candy shop a whirl, too.

If there is anything around the area you would like to see me blog, let me know, or just enjoy the lunacy!