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Depot Bar and Grill

Sunday, January 18th, 2009
311 Heritage Pl
Faribault, MN 55021

(507) 332-2825

We had a chance to revisit the Depot, which I often call Home Depot, cuz it feels really comfortable with it’s family air and trains rambling through every so often.  Coming from Chicago, one of the big train cities of this great country, I love to watch the trains go by and request the window seats whenever possible. so I can get the best rumble.

The food we ate was pretty darn good and the new management has changed the menu since we were last there.  Being located a couple of block’s from the former and  beloved Monte’s Steak House, one has to think that the Depot must have something to write home about if they survived not only Monte’s, but also the Boston Pizza restaurant right down the street.  While we have visited the Boston Gourmet Pizza location, we did not feel a need to blog about it.

I had the Cancun Seafood with lobster sauce and shrimp, salsa, a large amount of sour cream and lettuce and a bean, corn and tomato salad.  D had the Chicken Carbonara with bow tie pasta, onions, bacon and peas which was hugely creamy deliciosio.  We had iced tea with lemon.  We skipped dessert.  Too full.

The prices creep up and the waitress practically lept into my husband’s lap, but besides that, it was pretty good.  A nice place for a family party.

Soul Food

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

I was thinking about the good ol’ days back in Chicago. I was born
downtown, right near the Lake, but I grew up on the South Side,
White Sox, Museum of Science and Industry, U of Chicago territory.
As any good Chicagoan would do, I tried to eat my way across the city
and make sure to check out all the classics…The Berghoff, Morton’s
Steak House, Bowl Mich, The Pump Room, The Pinnacle, Uno’s, Due’s,
Gino’s East, Al’s Italian Beef, Salerno’s, Medici’s, Leona’s, Piccolo
Mundo, Hi Ricky’s, Star of India, and oh, so many more…

Did you know that there are over 8800 restaurants phone book listings for Chicago?

But right now my soul could use a little soul food as may yours, and there’s is one that seems most appropriate to celebrate on Inauguration Day. And that is Army and Lou’s. Oh,  we all heard about Valois, the  Greek American local gathering, “See Your Food”* being cooked restaurant in Hyde Park where Barack, and I often dined, dh, too, even before we met, and Barack frequents Dixie’s Kitchen and Bait Shop as well, but I bet the President elect made the short trip down to the south side’s Army and Lou’s Soul Food Restaurant a few times, too. See their menu here:

So, for Inauguration Day, where we shall comfortably participate in the
crowning of our newly elected President and eat some down home style soul
food, which I love and miss so much. Here’s what is on the menu at my house:

For breakfast we there will be butter grits, soft eggs, hoe cakes and hot honey tea.

For lunch we’ll eat some stove top corn bread with bone in ham (I’ll throw in some pineapple slices for the state of Hawaii, Obama’s birth state.) and unsweetened iced tea.

Dinner will see pan fried chicken and greens with bacon fat and milk.

I’d like to work in a sweet potato pie, one of Barack’s favs, but I think
we’ll wait til the week end for that.

Happy Inauguration Day! and God Bless America! Blessed Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and Fantastic Black History Month of February!  There, I think I got them all covered now. :)
*”See Your Food” is Valois’ motto or hook line.

Ole Store in 2009

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Coming back from our local family clinic last Friday, we decided to
celebrate my good health report by eating at the restaurant that
started us out blogging last year…Ole Store!

We walked in about two o’clock and were happy to see quite see
stylishly clad ladies meeting, talking, walking about and laughing over
tea and victuals. People were coming and going right along. There was
a man with a briefcase who stopped in for coffee and a sweet creamy
cake with chocolate chunks on top. People smiled and were happy. A
very welcoming scene.

We weren’t all that hungry, so we just ordered a couple of sandwiches.
I was in the mood for something light and dh likes the panini quite a
bit. I pick the bread first, sour dough for me and dh chose Italian.
Tuna with everything for me, Greek Chicken for dh, also with the
works. Jumping right to it, the food was good. I especially appreciated
the thick red juicy tomato and greens piled high on the tuna. And, not
only did I covet dh’s artichokes and oven dried tomatoes, I snitched a
bit of it right from under his nose proclaiming, “I never knew you liked
artichoke!” The potato and pickle chips that come with the sandwiches were
really excellent, crispy, salty, crunchy, and munchy. We ate them all.
Dh said his sandwich was good. That’s Pretty Good.

We saw a lovely high cheese cake with whipped cream and strawberries
but decided to come back another day for that and a steaming hot tea.

The air was filled with Beatles music. I always like a bit of tunery
with my tuna. The whole place looks very clean-clean from top to

Next week Ole Store will add the make your own pasta meals in addition
to the soups, sandwiches, and salads with bakery galore! Ole Store
carries a nice assortment of dispenser pop and lemonade, as well as
coffee and tea. The prices rock! and we rolled out happy and satisfied
customers once more.

Sweet Lou’s Closes!

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Aw shucks! We didn’t get back there quick enough to try their sandwiches. I just can’t eat that fast. The food was so good, the prices, good, the atmosphere, really good!

I think this closing goes back to my long understanding that people like to hide behind something while they are eating -maybe it’s in our genes-and the lights should be low so everything and everybody looks their best even if they had a bad night’s sleep-sheer vanity.

Lou’s was maybe too open and fresh and clean and exposing for all but the exhibitionists amongst us. I don’t really know if any of this is still true, but it used to be true in some places. Copper Bleu in Apple Valley and maybe even Monte’s in Fairbault, I think had similar problems.

I for one, loved that modern open, airy feeling. Basically, I am a shy, older person, and not as fresh looking as I was in my youth, I tend to keep a low profile, but when I go out, and put on a little color and freshen up my hairdo and don my best clothes, I like to be in a cheery place, able to check out what others are wearing and doing a little bit, and letting them see what it looks like to be me. I love to try and look at the plates of food as they go flying by being delivered to booths and tables beyond. Hmm, that looks good, wonder what it is?

That’s the fun of it, isnt’ it? So, I’ll take a reality check, and, uh, hold the harsh judgements, please. Thank you.

Hot Tips! Jobs for 2010 Census

Friday, January 2nd, 2009

I understand these jobs begin in 2010. Hundreds are needed.

Local Census Office

St Paul
180 East Fifth Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Phone: 612-216-5970
Payrate: Starts at $12.50 / hour