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Restaurant Buzz

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Hello, Northfielders!   Today I am going to do a round-up style blog of all the restaurants we have been to during the last six weeks.  We have been busy eating and noting which eating establishments are giving us a break and which ones are gonna break our bank balances down.

The good news is that all the places we have been to are doing a better job, serving tastier food and offering a lower cost menu.

Perkins is one of the best because they always try to change their menus up and always offer low priced deals that taste good.  I tried the Cajun Tilapia sandwich and found it to be quite exquisite for what it was, along with their famous chicken soup, it was quite a meal.  As a side note, the tilapia fish is a fish that has been farmed for over 2500 years.  It is a herbaceous, plant eating fish and does not suffer the toxin problems that other fish eating fish do.  So go, Tilapia!  One thing, I think the prices of muffins have gone up over $3.00.

Kurry Kabob still offers their buffet at the regular Sunday and weekday prices, but they have cut back on some of the extras, like lettuce and melon.  I can get that at home, so I am okay with that.  They still have one of the most beautiful chandeliers around and that is worth the trade off, that  plus the tasty hot tea makes an exotic lunch just around the corner.

Ole Store has a great selection of gourmet bakery treats.  We had Tres Lech (three milks), a small cake with huge specialty raspberries on top of a luscious creamy frosting and yellow cake that just tasted so yummy, we practically inhaled in in two seconds.  We also had some good hot chocolate just to round things off. The price was decent and we will be back.  We also got to see Kiffi and Victor walking down the street on a warm winter afternoon!  What fun!

We always have something to munch by the golf club and yesterday we went for the BLT and Tomato Bisque soup.  The bacon they use is extrafantadelicious  and they always surprize me with a new type of bread.  This time it was a brown medium weight brownish bread that just had the right amount of heft to carry the BL and T.  Their seasoned fries are really good, too, but I love the onion rings the best.  Once again, the prices have stayed reasonable, the lettuces and tomatoes are top quality.  The golf club has a Mexican night on March 7th for $12.95, if you can get over there between 5 and 9pm, you’ll not be disappointed.

Mandarin Garden has a new chef named Daniel who has brought in the new ways of preparing food and applied them to the traditional Mandarin offerings.  The House Appetizer has lighter batter on the shrimp now and the Chow Mein has chunkier bits, the Kung Pao Chicken has new layers of flavor release and we just enjoyed the meal so much we wanted to tell you to get on over there and enjoy the low prices, good service and delicious food, with to go possibilities plus I always take home at least half my order.

Poor Sweet Lou’s Waffle House did not make it.  Sorry to see them go. Good Luck!

Wendy’s has fish sandwiches, too.  I’ll be blogging them next.

I am sorry to say I have had to turn off comments for awhile.  I am getting 95 comments  spammers a day and it’s getting tiresome.  So, see you in the restaurants!

Hot Tip, Honey!

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

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Porterhouse Steak and Seafood Restaurant

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Porterhouse Steak and Seafood,11211 205th Street Lakeville, MN,952-469-2995

We went to Porter House for a birthday party on Saturday, but I didn’t write about it until now because it has taken me all this time to get over how fantastic the meal was.  I had the on special pan seared scallops in a fruit compote reduction type of sauce with asparagas that you would pay $25 a pound for if you knew they were going to be so good.  We all shared the sirlon tips in wasabi and spinach and artichoke dip, but the big prizes went to the main courses of walleye encrusted with pecan and the ten ounce filet mignon, besides the aforementioned, but not ever to be forgotten sea scallops.

After dinner, a server brought out a lovely yellow cake with vanilla icing with chocolate lace which we all raved about for the duration of the eating and for quite a while thereafter.  All I can say is Perfect Crumb and Great Flavor.

The service was very good, we had several attendants making sure all was right. The ambiance was totally on, with lights, chatter, and the warm wooden theme throughout the room.  Very nice and we recommend Porter House highly, again, for those extra special gatherings.

100% handicap accessible.