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Party this Saturday

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I am posting this for the wonderful people at the Cafe

who make their customers feel so glad to visit them and

where the food is so good, so good!  If you find yourself

up north, stop by and say, Hi!

Mediterranean Cruise Cafe Party this Saturday
Moving to Burnsville Closing out Eagan Location PARTY

Come join us all day all night!!!

THIS Saturday May 30th

Noon-2:00 am

Join us in celebration as we wrap up our final days in Eagan before we move to the heart of Burnsville!

We will be featuring a variety of dancers, an outdoor tent with delicious food, cocktails and wine.

Thank you for the unforgettable memories throughout the many years.

The journey continues in Burnsville

We will close our Eagan location at midnight on Sunday, June 7th

and will open at our Burnsville location on Thursday, June 11th at 11:00am!!!

Don’t forget to come celebrate and visit us for our last week in Eagan and share the memories we have created here!

We will open our doors in Burnsville on June 11th, but we will be having our GALA GRAND OPENING MID-JULY – WE WILL KEEP YOU POSTED!

Food Allergies-Mango

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

This is a tale of woe

A friend of mine I know

complained of poison ivy

rash on her face,

but there was no ivy


Then, another fella said

he had a rash on the front

part of his head.  He thought

it was poison ivy, too, but

it turned out to be the

true mystery of mango skin,

but who knew that mango

is in the sumac family,

including, oak, ivy,

sumac leaves of three,

Now add to that the

mango from the stores

and maybe you won’t eat mango

no more.

This has been a public service

poem from Bright and you

are welcome to check out to

see if that kid you thought

had A D and D is really

allergic to some perfume

in the crowd,

or maybe some other

food like tomatoes

or any food to which

he  or she says no no no.

Maybe a kid is acting out

not because he or she is bad

but because they are suffering

a reaction in their brains

caused by a substance that

their bodies cannot contain.

There, I made it rhyme again.

Check it out!

It’s Farmer’s Market Time Again

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Beginning on May 8th, the Farmer’s Market is opening and will be there well into October, or longer. They have plants, herbs, honey, some of the best baked goods ever on the planet, so bring a friend to share with you and divide the time on the stair master.  There will also be some jelly,dried flowers, eggs and maple syrup.  More fruits and vegetables as they grow.  Can’t rush these things too much you know.

Once again the odd ball hours are  Tuesday and Fridays from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM and Saturday 9 AM to ?  I think it’s also  1PM closing time.

May Restaurant Award

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Sorry we haven’t posted much about restaurants lately.  It’s not that we aren’t going out to eat, because we are.   I can only stand so much of my own cooking, and that frozen stuff, even my beloved lifesaving Boca Burgers aren’t gonna keep me home 365.  We have been to Mandarin Gardens, which is improved and delicious, we have been to Applebee’s to meet friends and which can be fairly good if you watch what you order and when you are lucky enough to get your meal paid for by the friends.  I did the chicken sandwich at Culver’s, again very good for fast food, and Perkins continues to supply us with coupons and decent fair all the way around.  I was especially pleased the day I got the very last Pot Pie of the season.  Subway is keeping up it’s good standards for my fav tuna sandwich with EVERYTHING!  and I do mean everything. haha.

But the keeper, the winner of my Grandma May’s namesake month Restaurant Award goes to Kurry Kabob for their ever delicious, ever good prices, ever lovely service, ever increasingly beautiful ambience.  I love their weekday all inclusive buffet for $8, their awesome crystal chandelier, their cloth napkins and tablecloths, their stained glass wall sconces and colorful spice photos, their new lacey drapery, their very comfortable chairs, and did I mention the lovely curry sauces, great black tea, both hot and cold?  The free candied fennel at the end of the meal on the counter and the warm smiles from the owners and waitstaff.   It’s what restaurants are all about when they are there to serve their customers well.  Good JOB!