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Chef Raphael’s Friday Night Specials

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

As many of you know, we love the Northfield Golf Club for food.  We don’t golf, either.  And we are not related to Raphael, although I am thinking of trading my husband to Raphael’s wife (Annie?)over at Ole Cafe.  Who needs two foodies in one family anyway!  Just kidding.. We receive an email every week with a NGC Friday night special menu on it.  Most of the time, we cannot resist and head over after a long hard week of working, where we only look up for some basic quick meal, for which I am famous in house, and for which D has become extremely good at unfreezing many assorted food items.  Some may call this cooking,  I can not.

Anyhoo, D ordered the ribs described below and I tried some of them plus the potato salad, and the shrimp appetizer and iced coffee. I am going to say one word about the complete experience and then you can drool a little while you relish the symbolic words below, and then make a reservation for next Friday, when the special menu will be created anew.  My word is ex quiz it, as in there are no tests, questions, or ex’s around, it’s was just an exquisite dining experience all the way around.

Friday, June 19th, 2009

“Grill Out”


Chinese Dumpling Soup


10 spice Grilled Shrimp Cocktail

Topped with Tangy Guacamole, Tortilla Chips and Mojito Granita shavings



All Entrees Served with NGC Classic Potato Salad and Grilled Vidalia Onion
topped with Griniche Crumbles

(Add Soup or Salad for $1.50)

Costa Rican Mahi Mahi

Served with Kumkuat Mojo and Confit


Grilled Lamb Shanks

Finished on the grill and served with Lemon and Horseradish Gremolatta


Tamarind Glazed Baby Back Pork Ribs

Finished on the Grill and served with Mango BBQ sauce.


Save the Date – Garden Tour

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009


Northfield Garden Club
Garden Tour

Flowers and Fine Art

June 27th from 10AM-4PM
June 28th from Noon to 3PM

Tickets – $10
Present Perfect
Hodge Podge Que
Knecht’s Nursery

There are six beautiful gardens to tour and you can also see the Art in Bloom show on Sunday from noon to three, where garden club members and others have created floral arrangements to compliment paintings.  Bring your out of town friends, and the kids will love it, too!

Oui, Oui, Oui!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

No, not as in the three little pigs, (there were only two of us) but as in Life is Good.  Today we stopped into “Pardon Our French” a little sandwich, soup and bakery and wine shop in Eagan.  To blog about this restaurant is to take one’s time and give a paragraph to each subject.

Croque Madame.  This was the specialty sandwich of the day that I ordered and ate.  It consists of two slices of spinach bread, which is neither too light nor too heavy, but very tasty.  The bottom slice is double thick.  Keep that in mind.  Then comes a layer of bechamel sauce, a thinly sliced piece of ham, a slice of Swiss American cheese, another slice of spinach bread topped with shredded and toasted half brown mozzarella and then top that with a perfectly cooked sunny side up fried egg.  The fried egg on top is what makes the French the geniuses of cooks.  They always bring it in the extra mile and then add a few more hundred meters, just to be sure.

French Fries.  I ordered the fries extra for a buck and found them to be the most delicious things ever, ever, ever.  Perfectly golden potatoes to start and then fried just the right amount to make the most perfectly crisp, but not dry or soggy or, well, just the most perfect fries ever.  Award winning.

Baguette with poppy seed topping and pruichetto with white cheese and tomatoes.  D ordered this sandwich and I had a chunk of it.  Man, to die for, really.  Extra poppy seeds and the flavor blend was oh, so French!  Ooooh lala!

D ordered the house blend iced tea and it was raspberry tea with real raspberries and blackberries on the bottom, about a dozen, and the berries tasted so good after soaking in the tea.  They were like a mini taste sensation, or diet delight for a person watching their waistline.  Rally.

Afterward, no we weren’t satisfied even after eating so fine a meal.  I guess that’s because we only do that once a week, if that.  Anyway, I ordered up a cranberry oatmeal cookie, large, and a blueberry Danish for home.  D had the strawberry cheese cake.  Needless to say, good, good, good.  In fact, so good, I don’t recommend you going there any time soon.  More for me.  :)

There are two computers, wireless, fireplace, couches, very homey, very French music wafting through the air, handicap accessible and on Wednesdays at 3 PM you can go and meet other French conversationalists.

1565 Cliff Road
Thomas Lake Center

Eagan, MN 55122

(651) 454-2233

La Eskina

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

My dh and I took a a tip from Griff over at Locally Grown Northfield and took a trip over to Dundas for the new supermercado on the east side of HWY 3, near the bank, pet store and the liquor store.  La Eskina (a family name) offers fresh produce, soda pop, canned goods, children’s games, and a little sit down restaurant.

We ordered the burritos at the counter.  We have been trying to replace the great burritos we used to relish in Chicago for some time now.  We were not disappointed at all.  I had the veggie version, which I think was invented right there on the spot and D had the beef burrito.  We were both so enthused with our meal, we barely spoke.  And I am on this big mission not to eat fast…again. I spent years shovelling down food in downtown Chicago restaurants during lunch break.  It’s no good. But, today, my mission was thwarted.  I scarfed that burrito up pronto.  I even finished before dh, which never happens, believe me. Maybe it was the blaring tv and radio playing simultaneously, or maybe I was *that* hungry.  Either way, the food left the area of my plate in a very short amount of time…and I learned to enjoy the audio chaos in the process.

The salsas, green and red, were a bit spicy, but nothing that would create a jolt.  I had a Tamarindo soda pop, made I from tamarind fruit, a favorite of people around the world.  It was sweet and slightly carbonated. D got the bottled water.  I have nothing to say about that other than this.

All in all it was an interesting experience, the total cost was under $9.00…cheap and the food served as fuel for quite a few hours before I was hungry again.  Two thumbs up, cuz that’s all I have.

See and

Save This Date-June 27 or June 28

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Okay, now that you have written this date down, you can also plan on strolling The Northfield Garden Club’s Annual Garden Tour.  The official name is Flowers and Fine Art though.   What it is is a tour of six area gardens, not just ordinary gardens, but gardens where much love and attention and hard work is done to create a beautiful space, so beautiful that the gardeners want to share what they have done with all of us.  There will also be an on site artist who will share with you their own wonderful drawings and paintings, lovely creations all.  This is a great way to spend as much time as you like strolling, enjoying the outdoors and seeing inspiring sites and people.

Tickets will go on sale at three locations after June 17 at Present Perfect, Knect’s Nursery, and Hodge Podge Que. Cost $10.

Full disclosure:  I am an avid garden club member and on the garden tour committee, I have to do this.

Further full disclosure: The bad grammar was intentional so you will remember what I want you to remember!  hahaha,  I plot and laugh.

Even more full disclosure:  There will be no full disclosure in the future.   (I kid.)