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Northfield’s Defeat of Jesse James Days 2009-Craft Show

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

First of all, let me thank the city for handicap parking!  We went over early Saturday morning to the Craft and Car Shows and found nearby parking right away!

Then, I have to give a big shout out to the very wonderful group of craft show vendors who are obviously made for the type of work they do because they were all so nice and helpful, such good attitudes and beautiful offerings, well, I cannot go on long enough about that.

One man put the name of the company that would appear on our credit card bill because it didn’t say anything about the product we bought. Another lady gave me a hair pin/bookmark made out of buttons and beads and I sent her some photos of her product, just on a whim.  The lady who sold us a Chinese hand made doily with knots and linen and crochet, was so kind to take the time to tell us about the family who makes these things in their home and have done so for generations.  Well, I was so pleased, and then hungry, so we went over to Perkins, and I swear this happy and joyous feeling must have lept over there because we had the nicest wait staff person ever, named Brenda,and that is saying alot because we have always been treated super nice over there, but today was exceptional.

I told some people about my blog and I am giving them some free advertising for their kindness and good products:

We also talked to the people of Northfield Urgent Care who just opened up a storefront in the strip mall across from Furlong Cheverolet on HWY 3. Dr. Bardwell and his staff were at the Craft Fair giving out all sorts of goodies and wishing us good health and offering flu shots at their no appointnment, no waiting facility.

There was a really nice lady who makes cute holiday calendars for pets filled with treats for each day of the Advent.  See

Patty Nolt, the lady with the buttons and other neat stuff is a personal assistant is at  She is super cool!

Personalization is really in now and you can get your cake pan and other stuff engraved with your name or whatever at

GentryNightStudios has the cutest little stuffed toy pillows and

Oh, last one, but not least, right here in Dundas, the Jumping Around Toys and Game Zone,  Just opened in July,near Sears on the road to Menards.  I told her she needs a bigger sign, and she’s working on it now.  Go girl!

We talked to others, but couldn’t get it all in before I had to get going on to the next thing!  Food.  As I said, we went to Perkins and the Chicken Pot Pie is back.  It comes with a nicely varied salad which I liked a lot and of course the pot pie is King!  I had the last one of the season, I was told, last autumn.  It was worth the wait, except for the crust that is on the top of the dish, that didn’t do well for me.  I give it  90%.  D had pancakes and bacon and they were good as always, though I must say I like his homemade buckwheat pancakes with blueberries better!

Went over to the Car Show, and didn’t have a button, so we went around the edges.  We were out of cash at that point, and will go back again sometime, button in hand.  I knew I shouldn’t have bought those neon pink crystal earrings! Anyway, I posted some photos over at and they should be up soon.

Oh, I almost forgot.  At the Craft Show was several greyhound dogs that had been rescued, they  looked so calm and content.  I wanted to stop, but we already have one big oaf, I mean 95 pound collie and that’s enough for me right now.  But these sweethearts, will melt your hearts, if you have one. :)

Time to get a going.  Thanks for listening and stay tuned!