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Stay In and Eat Out

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Dh and I have been working like crazy.  After two years of running his own business,  he is much in demand.  And my card business is starting to grow it’s own wings.  See    I really love making the cards and the jokes and the verses from the heart.  I get a lot of wonderful feedback and return customers now and it’s a great thing for me, and I am so grateful to even be alive these last two years, limited as I am, I can still do quite a bit.

Now that I got that out of the way, I wanted to write about Kurry Kabob’s take out.  As I said, we have been busy and didn’t want to do the food thing ourselves, so dh went out and got us a Maharaja Dinner for two, $49.95, plus tax.    That was a lot of money to spend, but guess what!  We got the first night big dinner, and two more days of hearty, last all day lunches for both of us.  So, six meals, scrumptious meals for $50 some odd dollars ain’t too bad.

The great part is that they were well packed and hot upon arrival even though it was about -2 degrees F when dh picked them up.  It’s not that far from us though.  But here’s what came with the Maharaja Dinner for two, from my not that reliable memory…I chicken chili dinner, 1 curry chicken dinner, 1 whole box of veggies, lamb sausage, 2 lg prawns, several pieces of tandori chicken, 2 large pieces of naam bread, 2 cups of rice, yogurt cole slaw style dipping sauce, mint sauce, bbq sauce, two donut cakes in honey sauce.  I think that was it.  Oh, it was good, though, and that curry tumeric cleans your brain so you don’t get the dreaded Al’s Himer whatchacallit. :)   I jest, but not about the tumeric.  You will also find it in mustard, so if you fav fast food restaurant has quit handing out mustard, go see Pai at Mandarin and she will fix you up.

Yep, the curry is spicy and I order mine medium.  I would get the hot, but it’s accumulative and I can’t take it after a few bites, but I really do like it. The point I am trying to get at is that Kurry Kabob will make anything you want to your specifications, if you are of a mind to have no spice or all kinds of spice.  They are very accommodating hosts.

Right now, I am drinking cold spearmint tea, which is so satisfying.  I never use ice cubes at home.  But I will cool the glasses in the summer time once in awhile, and I do keep the frig cold cuz dh likes his milk cold, cold, cold.

One more thing I will share with you drink wise, is that after years of making my hot lemonade one way and only one way, I have now added one cinnamon stick at the simmering stage.  It is a wonderful smelling, super delicious tasting and extraordinary healing spice.  Splurge and buy a bag of sticks off the little spice rack next shopping trip.

Women’s Health

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

The Federal Government has fifty publications dedicated to women’s health issues.  You can become a partner, like I am doing now, by helping to distribute this info or you can order or download this valuable but free information right here:

I wish you all good health!

Emergency Help and Nutrition Assistance

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

I f you  or someone you know is in danger of going hungry or being out in the cold now or anytime, here is some vital contact information from state and local organizations that are standing by to make sure every person in this state who is in need will get life saving food and shelter.  Why am I telling you this…the State of Minnesota asks that everyone  helps to get out the information.   Some of the people who need food may be living right next door to you in a big home, but they are too ashamed or afraid to ask for help.  You can leave contact information on their doorstep, ask them to deliver this to anyone they might know,  or send it to them annonymously through the mail.  Make sure anyone who looks frail or looks alright has enough food and heat.  Minnesota is a productive state that has enough resource to take care of it’s needy citizens.

This site has a list of resources in several languages that are available at this time;

or call 1-888-711-1151 for nutrition assistance, or go to http://www.hunger


Think Spring for Free!

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

The Farmer’s Almanac made me an offer I could not ignore.  When you sign up for e mail newsletters, they also offer you free downloads and one garden guide online.
The Garden  Guide is 130 some epages, and chock full of interesting stuff.  Plus, it’s the best looking e-zine I have seen to date. If you have an hour or so to spare and want to catch up on the old and new gardening methods and tips.  GO now… and grow later!

Free Food!

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

Just go to and join the e-club.  They will send you a coupon for one free value  meal with the purchase of another, and if you give your birthday, they will send you a coupon for a free sundae.   Don’t know when this expires, but you have two weeks from the date of print out to use the coupons.  Here is the more direct link;

We like Culvers’ for quick snacks, and the Northfield Culver’s is super on all counts.  Thanks, Culver’s!

My Food Related Resolutions for 2010

Friday, January 1st, 2010

1.  I won’t eat mindlessly.   If I am watching tv or listening to my fav music or texting my friend, I am not paying attention to my food intake and will forget all about it later on and will want to eat again and again until I satisfy my senses.   I resolve to smell  my food.  Savor the flavors in my mouth.  And use the important digestive juices in my mouth to begin the break down of my food.  If it doesn’t smell or taste or feel good, chances are it’s Cheetos and I might want to drop it off the grocery list.

2. I will not eat after 6PM unless a very special occassion calls for it.  Eating only a few hours before bed means I will be awake half the night digesting and churning out the calories at a time when I need them the least.  Don’t Eat after 6PM I reiterate to myself daily.  I do like a handful of grapes at 7 or 8PM and will allow for that as they do metabolize quickly and keep me from going to sleep too early.

3. Instead of eating half junk, half organic veggies, grains and fruits like I now do, I will step up my game to 25% junk, 75 % good for me food.  See  how that goes. It means I will have to pay even more attention to my food at first, but once I get the hang of it,  it will go better.  See, just as I was typing this I thought, let me put it into calores.  I can do 400 calories of junk per day, which is pretty good. :)

4. Take another close look at the food I am eating and what is out there and how can I prepare food differently to keep the old tried and trues more interesting.  Where can I substitute, what can I keep on the menu and what’s new at the grocery store???

5. Note to self: Indulge in a egg (yolk for oily skin and whites for dry)and honey with lemon facial.  Blend one yolk or egg white with a teaspoon of honey and a squirt of lemon and place on areas of the face that need exfoliating and drawing out of impurities.  Leave the mixture on for 12-24 minutes, depending on how strong the texture of your skin.  Rinse off gently with slightly warm water, then cool water until all the traces of the mixture is gone.  Do this once a week.