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Now We’ve Gone Too Far

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Don’t like to complain about restaurants, especially when I have only been to a place  one time, but I have to say a few quick things, just to help out my readers and give you a little taste of what is coming soon.

Today, we were exploring resort towns and stopped at a little bar and grill that looked pretty new and clean.   We tried the specials.  Now, I have been warned by Rick Steves of  PBS fame, not to try the specials, as they are usually food that hadn’t gotten sold quick enough. But these sounded good…lasagna and gyros…which should have tipped me off right there…an Italian dish and a Greek dish, and no indication whatsoever that this was an International restaurant.

Anyway, both dishes lacked a lot.  The fries were good however.  So, avoid the specials, unless you know better  and I’ll be blogging about our experience with Chef Raphael’s Wine Dinner, with a tour of the pig featured.  Sat, 6PM April 17.   There’s still space I think,  call Northfield Golf Club, 507-645-4026 Ext 3.

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We Did It Again!

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

We usually go twice a year, but the last couple of years we only made it as far as Cannon Falls.   This last couple of weeks we made it all the way to Red Wing and beyond twice.  Today, as usual, out on the road, one of us, me, usually gets hungry.  So we eyed the new Norton Restaurant and Lucky Cat Bar in downtown Red Wing on our trip down to Wabasha and decided to hit it on the way back.

We did and we liked it quite a bit.  We had blogged Norton’s several years ago in it’s older location, but this place is much snappier, looks very posh and the food is quite good.  We weren’t hungry enough for a big dinner, so we just got sandwiches, dh the lamb burger done medium with swiss cheese and chips, and I tried the Saigon Sub with ham, pate, cheese, onion, cucumber,spinach and a side of the special fish sauce, see the website for more details on that, which I sent back cuz I couldn’t bare to smell it on the table.  I ordered up horse radish instead, which I love and which was freshly cut, and for which I got the tiniest weird look from the waitress.  No problem.

I understand, when you have blended all those subtle flavors to build for a nice,  lovely palate, you don’t want to crush it with horseradish, but I know what I am doing and I don’t crush, I just smoosh a little. it turned out beautifully for me.

We also tried the bowl of mac and cheese, because it is of great interest to me the varied and many different ways that become mac and cheese.  This one was served at the proper temperature to make it taste like manna from heaven above.  I asked to be told about the recipe, and the word was nothing more than white cheddar on penne.  This must have been the most pure cow and artful human handiwork on the planet.

However, I must say that I let some of mine cool down while I ate my sub, and when I came back to it, it seemed gloppy and boring.   This is testament to the ever important fact that food must be served at the proper temperature to be all that it can be.  And it is both the easiest and hardest part of cooking, imho.

We then went all the way and got the Vanilla Panna Cotta with Raspberry Sauce.  This is the kind of food I will not recommend.  It makes you eat it.  How maddening is that.  I did do very well in sharing with dh and allowing him to mostly devour it, but I had to slap my own hand to quit taking just a little bit more.

We heard good jazz playing, the lively kind and the place is clean as a whistle.   Great red chairs and small tables.  Looks like serious fun.  Some nice pieces on the wall.  Black cloth napkins.All in all lunch at Norton’s was much better this time than the last time, mostly because the people were nicer to us and that made everything taste better.

OMGoodness! NGC

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

If you miss dinner at the golf club this evening, 4-2-10, you missed something to write home about.

Raphael outdid himself again.  My goodness.  Even dh said the pan roasted filet mignon which was served with a courvoisier and tarragon cream sauce, baby asparagas, and savory mashed potatoes was like he already had desert.  Yeah.  That’s something coming from him.

I ordered the pan roasted walleye with tomato and caper butter sauce and I have to say the crust on the walleye was the most delicious thing under the tanning bed!  OMGoodness, I said, again and again.    The  walleye meat was very good indeed.  Just about as fresh and sweet as you can get in Northfield. I also had the asparagas and mashed potatoes.

Both meals came with salad buffet and cream of clam soup.  Good enough on that note.

We later had the new molten chocolate desert with raspberry sauce, carmel sauce, blueberries,raspberries, a dash of whipped cream and a hot chocolate cupcake brownie sort of thing.  Delish.  Everyone who sees it drools.  I just came home and did an extra long spin on my bike.

We only had one iced tea, so the bill came out at just over $50.  A nice little splurge for us, but one we truly enjoyed.  Kudos to the staff at NGC as well.  They are always top notch with us and everyone and the same basic crew has been there for a few years at least.

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May 6-12th is the entire week dedicated to nurses in the USA.  May 6th is National Nurses Day and May 8th is National Student Nurse Day.