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This June in Northfield

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

May has been fantastic around here weather wise and so has the entire Spring season.  It’s more like what I was used to growing up in Chicago, where being right on Lake Michigan makes the temperatures more temperate.   I can’t complain at all.  In fact, I will rave on a little about Northfield, as I just picked up one of the Northfield Entertainment GuideTM magazine for June, 2010, a free monthly publication compliments of By All Means Graphics and advertisers…oh, I found the guide at Perkin’s Restaurant where I just had a warmed blueberry muffin,mocha iced coffee, the best bacon mushroom creamed cheese omelette and a taste of dh’s strawberry cheese cake pie.  Oh, my! It was good and I ate too much, but that’s okay because I am back on the right weight train this week.

So, upon perusing the NE Guide,  I found lots of interesting info; we have Taste of Northfield coming up June 17 and 18 at Bridge Square from 4 to 10pm and Mandarin Gardens is opened during the construction on 4th Street, and the June issue of the NE Guide is dedicated to  musicians who really deserve a lot of attention and thanks, I am sure.  Then the Riverwalk Market Fair is opening on June 5th and you can see all about it at

Butler’s now has a deck overlooking the Cannon River, and I cannot wait to check that out.   There is a new restaurant opening at 303 S. Division called Pan Pan*, and I think I want to go there as soon as it does open…Thai coffee, my wish come true, and Asian noodles, my other wish come true.  Let’s see, what shall I wish for next, cuz Northfield is pretty good at making them all come true…oh, and Thanks to all our USA veterans for their good work in keeping the world free from tyranny.

We Salute You !

I don’t know if they mean pan pan as in the nautical call for possible assistance needed, or pan pan as in the small electric brunch pan sold on Amazon.

Tour D’ Pig

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

These are my notes from Northfield Golf Club Chef’s Tour of  the Pig and Wine Tasting.    I didn’t want to do the whole blog thing with it because it’s not fair…I am not a gourmand,  or a foodie, or anything, I just like to talk about eating.  So, some of what Chef Rahael offered was not to my uneducated pallet, but I do like to experiment and take a chance from time to time.  Overall, I was not happy with the suckling pig parts and I wasn’t crazy about the wines, save one.  So, read on to get a snapshot of an idea and know that the Chef is holding tastings on Saturdays until further notice, I heard through the grapevine.
Consumme’ from the Rear End – just okay for me,dog,  to borrow a phrase from Randy of American Idol.

Ham from the Middle,partly okay, partly rubbery and unpalatable.

Head Cheese from the Other End, Keep your head on and don’t serve it to me again. Ick.

Bacon Ice Cream with Chocolate Covered Bacon!  Now you’re talking my ay anguage lay, piglutin!

Topper was Cherry stored in Pork for 15 years…dh says I didn’t hear that right, but who gives a…..!
Oh My God, that was cherry flavor elevated to platinum gold!  Give me 15 more of those, please!

Paired with these 3  wines.
1. Crane Lake Sparkling Wine Champagne made from real Crane feathers,
I loved this one completely.
2. Malvec? – too oily for me…use it to grease up
the pig and then go try to catch it.
3. Call me a Cabernet! I want to go
home now.

Northfield Stores I Like

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Viking Auto Salvage
26548 Chippendale Ave
Northfield, MN

I called just now and a very nice man said I could bring a painted metal table that we  inherited with this house over for recycling…at no cost,  just get it in before 4PM.

Rice County Recycling  wants $19.95 for a truck load or less, but I have so much less, so maybe next time, Rice!  Oh, and I tried Northfield FRecycling Egroup…no takers…

check them out at, -  I have had good results with free offers there.  I think a Wigley family member started it up locally.

Et Tu, Lawn Mower Mfgr.’s?

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

This is a HOT TIP for anyone who may have purchased a gas lawn mower or rider between 1994 and 2010.

Seems quite a few lawn mower manufacturers lied about the horse power involved…you could get $35-$75.