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El Tequila

Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Stopped into El Tequila today.  Haven’t been there for awhile, but we were tired after a long run around in Target, a good Northfield neighbor, employer and tax paying buddy.  I had a hankering for fried eggs, as many of you know, I love me a good fried egg.  So, I ordered Huevos Rancheros, with two tortillas, flour, and light cheese, poco cheese, please and gratias.  Dh ordered his ever usual steak fajitas just so his hot steamy meal could dominate over my subtle mash of rice, beans, eggs, tortillas, sour cream, lettuce, tomato, plus the appetizing tortillas and salsa served free before any meal.

Our fare was delicious as usual, and we had great, welcoming service.  I always recommend this restaurant and still do.  But today I want to talk more about the eggs because they bring a special note to the music of dining, in that they are one of the testosterone boosting foods.  Some others are beans, oysters, pork chops, milk, turkey, duck, wild game, garlic,avocado, salmo,chicken breasts, wings and thighs, and all colorful fruits and vegetables, including radishes!

This subject of testosterone boosting foods is of great interest to me, because knowing how hard I have labored in my life, physically at certain times, that is, and how little muscle I have gained, while watching my male family members and others do very little and very seldom at that, I know it’s the testosterone.  Each person has a varied amount, and I feel certain I am at the low range for women, so I tend to crave certain foods, like eggs and turkey and salmon.  I eat one avocado a week, without knowing why I do, and now I do know.

Testosterone is a great hormone to have enough of, and many I know get some shots for it.  I don’t recommend shots, cuz I am not a doctor and I don’t recommend anything medical.  But,  I think food is the best medicine we can give ourselves, and as long as we don’t gorge ourselves on any particular food, even if it is for health benefits, well, enough said.   Happy eating!