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Remedies – First Things First -Unemployment

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

In regards to unemployment…let’s take the burden off the many people in our society who
are asked to do triple duty. I know there are people who are capable of doing triple duty
for many, many years. But, there are many people who cannot keep it up for more than ten years, for instance. And we ask these people to keep giving and giving and giving. And we pay them a pittance.

The people I am talking about are teachers, who would be far more effective if they worked two and a half days per week. OR afternoons only or mornings only. Then, police and other emergency personnel. In big cities, these important service people are often called to 20 or 30 or more homes each week. Imagine if you were called to listen and judge over domestic issues, criminal acts, to put your life on the line, and to be constantly watching over your shoulder and all around the area,…argh. I couldn’t do it. Let’s give them four or five shifts instead of three. Same pay or better.

We could actually employ many more people and bring up everyone’s skills as a result of having more time to re charge and polish the skills and be with family and community members.

I think it would actually save the taxpayer money on so many things, like the many health problems, major errors and the ineffectiveness, that are caused by the stress and pressure of these and other high profile public service jobs. Let’s talk about it anyway…maybe you have an idea worth considering, too.

Pan Pan, For Real This Time! TOTALLY CLOSED NOW

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

We made it to Pan Pan this morning, just in time for lunch. I had wanted to try the Pad Thai since forever, as I have been longing for said dish since our days in Chicago. We did try some at King and Thai, but were somewhat disappointed due to the over stickiness of the noodles. That and the people to our right who were trying all through the meal to convert us to their religion. They were all fired up having just come back from that religion’s convention and their relentless effort kind of made it hard to appreciate our food. It was my fault though because I started up the conversation with them.

Anyway, we walked into Pan Pan, Wednesday, 10:50 am, and liked the clean, restful look of the place. I would like to do some art for the walls, but I am sure they have a plan and cannot wait for the several months it would take me to get it together properly. Something nice and simple would do, with a tiny splash of autumn color here and there…ah, I am dreaming again. Well, blame it on the super meal we just had at Pan Pan. If I feel good after I eat, that really says it all for me. Overall, the setting at Pan Pan is very nice, the service, excellent, very nice people with real thought behind their service, and the food was as good as I had hoped.

In Chicago, the last place we lived was right around the corner from three Thai restaurants…one Japanese sushi bar, one Middle Eastern fast food joint, and a Jewish Deli, and an Italian fine food restaurant and one American place that had so many good things, I can’t count, and one excellent French Bakery. We ate out once a day. Why oh why did I ever move from that city of authentic, delicious places to eat! I’ll tell you why…I gained like 30 pounds in one year before I knew it. I didn’t have a scale at the time. Always keep a scale.

So, let me get down to the nitty gritty and take apart these Pan Pan meals. I had the Shrimp Pad Thai. Dh had the Chicken Thai Basil. My Pad Thai was very good, the shrimp was about 1.5 inches across, which I think is the size 16 or so., or about 2-3 bites each…exactly the right texture. Not rubbery or too mushy, but really just right. The peanuts, scrambled egg, tofu (it takes a lot to get me to even eat tofu), bean sprouts, green onion or scallions, were all perfectly blended. The only problem I had was with the noodles. They were just sticky enough, but I feel that the flavor did not travel to all of the noodles and that was somewhat disappointing. But not enough to stop me from eating the bare rice noodles.

FYI, Pad Thai sauce is typically a blend of fish sauce, tamarind, brown sugar and chili sauce was very nice and did not over whelm the other subtle favors of the dish. I like to be able to taste the food, I think that the sauce is there to enhance the solid food. Added ingredients beyond the sauce may include pork, shrimp, chicken, garlic, ginger, onions, peanuts, bean sprouts, soy, eggs, pepper, cornstarch and coriander over rice noodles.

Dh had the Chicken Thai Basil and we both liked it. Served with rice, the chicken was very good, good texture and nicely displayed in a bed of jewel red sauce that is hot and spicy. If you eat the sauce with the rice or chicken, the sweetness reduces the heat by a factor of ten I would guess. This is a good thing for many of us if you are going to eat the whole meal alone. This is a beautiful dish and deserves your full attention.

I also ordered Iced Coffee which was excellent. Dh had the Iced Tea which was good. Dh says “standard”. So, Good luck, Pan Pan. We’ll tell our friends and we’ll be back. Shout out to Nicole, our server who was so nice to us on our first visit!

Danger Zone

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

There is an area where I feel I must tell people to watch out! At the North end of Sechler Park where one would drive out of the park at the north end of the park and enter the street between the gas station/car wash on the left or west, and the Walgreen’s on the right or east which is Railview Street there is a bike path crossing. When you are biking or walking away from the Peggy Prow Bridge headed west, you will not be able to see the auto traffic coming from
the south, and the auto traffic will not see you because there is a lot of vegetation, foilage and other growing flora blocking the view.

Watch it and don’t say I didn’t tell you!

It’s Official, Pam Pam Opens Sept 9th! and CLOSED 1/16/12

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Got the word this morning, heard the food is good, so check it out, people and if it’s good, go back, cuz we need to keep our good restaurants going for a long time, says I!

Pan Pan Opens and is NOW CLOSED

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

Just got the word that Pan Pan is opening just in time for DJJD! September 9th, 7am. It’s not official, though, I read it on the Internet,
so don’t get up too early! Enjoy DJJD and let me know how you liked it. I’ll get over to Pan Pan just as soon as I can can.