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Pan Pan Again and Again – NOW CLOSED

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

We had another opportunity to visit Pan Pan. It’s been about two months since they have opened and we noticed a couple of changes when we went for lunch with a friend who was eager to try out some new fare.

The walls now display some very large painting. They are heavy and abstract and colorful pieces. I liked them and thought they added some interest. They are for sale. The paintings are a bit much for the space. but I expect they will be exchanged over time.

Our friend, a woman in her late 70′s, likes her food without spice, so we carefully picked out the Vegetable Stir Fry, which she simply adored. She ate every morsel with complete delight. Haha. Nice. That’s says it all, doesn’t it? I asked if I could have the Pad Thai, my fav, without too much spice, because last time it was like a blast furnace in my mouth and although I like that sort of thing, it is a bad mix with my meds and causes tiny mouth sores that last a few days. Sorry about that.

Well, the wait service person told me that the Pad Thai was not hot at all and never was. I was like Hey! What! Well, after some questioning the wait person admitted that the chef had changed since the first time I was there and the new chef did not heat up the Pad Thai in a spicy way. She was right, the new Pad Thai was very mild indeed. Dh had his usual Thai Basil Chicken and reported that it was better than last time.

All in all a really nice authentic ethnic experience, and the prices are good, too. Thanks, Pan Pan!


Don’t Touch My Freedom

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

I’ll make this short. The terrorists have already won this war. In this country through negligence, we kill somewhere around 50,000 people on the road each year. We do not require anyone to be searched for cell phones, liquor, or be tested for sobriety or fatigue or stress before they enter their vehicles. Freedom requires some fighting for, and some risk taking, but the alternative is like a child living under an overbearing mad parent. Is that what we want?

Ten Years from Now

Monday, November 15th, 2010

In one year, many of us will gain 3.65 pounds by ingesting one little item…here, see if you can guess what it is. I’ll give you a moment. Uh huh…it’s that double dose of fish oil tablets. Now, 3.65 lbs is not all that bad, but if you look at it over a ten year period, OMG, that’s over 36 pounds! Thirty six pounds that a lot of you are saying, ‘oh, it’s just old age setting in or my metabolism is slowing down and I don’t move around as much as I used to.’ No, it’s none of those things…it’s the menace of fish oil and all the other healthy little pills, tablets and capsules.

What good is the taking of fish oil to reduce the threat of heart attack, depression or whatever they are claiming these days, if you are only going to offset it by taking the figure wrecking stuff over a ten year period anyway? I ask you, really. Must a girl count everything! Next, I’ll find out that air is putting the chunky bits on my thighs.

Free Golf! Chippewa Bar & Grill at Coffee Mill Golf Course

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

If you are ever in Wabasha, Mn, visiting the National Eagle Center or Lark’s Toys in Kellogg, Mn, a nice place to stop for delicious eats and one of the most spectacular views in the country is the Chippewa Bar & Grill. The golf club and grill are located 1300ft high on a Mississippi River bluff and the view is unencumbered in any direction. Very much worth the thirty minute trip down historic US Hwy 61 from Red Wing.

We strolled in unannounced around 4:15 for an early dinner. We are in the process of moving down that way, and got hungry early. We looked at their website and noted the winter hours. Always a good idea. We were greeted by a super guy named Craig who made us feel so welcomed and comfortable, we knew we must make the Chippewa our new hang out for food.

Craig told us about the $5.95 specials, Popcorn Chicken or Shrimp with Wisconsin Cheese Soup or French Fries and served with a lovely lightly garlic buttered multi-grain bread Dh got the chicken and fries and I got the shrimp and soup. Everything was delicious and with a decidedly fresh approach to each item. Even the ice tea was super unique. The ambiance was really nice, clean and very new. Bring your camera!

I have to send out a big ‘Hooray!’ for the golfer we saw putting away with as little natural light as is possible to be available just before complete darkness!

Another wonderful part of it all, is that if you go up there for the first time, you will get a full 18 hole golf game for FREE!

Coffee Mill Golf Course
(651) 565-4332
180 Coffee Mill Dr, Wabasha, MN

Good Bye, Northfield!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Since we first came to town, we have enjoyed our time in Northfield. I started out volunteering at the Northfield Senior Center, a really wonderful facility. I taught watercolor painting to some really cool and talented ladies and we had a blast as they taught me as much as I taught them.

We have so many great memories of a town rich with culture and parks, and wonderful places to visit, learn, and, of course, eat. My favorite memories are up at St. Olaf, in the King’s Room for brunch when we were treated to harp concerts, or sitting around listening to the wind as interpreted by the the memorial chimes’, or happily stumbling upon an afternoon choral practice session at Boe Memorial Church.

At Carleton, we enjoyed gazing at the stars at the Carleton College Observatory and the lovely arboretum and island. We even bought one of the round tables from the cafeteria which we treasure.

We often just sat along the Cannon downtown, in the county park or over in Dundas and enjoyed the river and all it’s attendants.

We have made the best of friends with some warm and super good people. We have been on history tours, garden tours and seen so many art shows! The street music and the farmer’s market, so wonderful. And I really hate to leave. I really do. The memories go on and on.

I want to thank all the good people who made us feel a part of this good city. I want to thank all those who made us lunch and dinner. I want to thank all the servers and hostesses, too. Really neat people. I wish I could take you all with us.

But, we found a house with so much character to it, that it called us up and said, we won’t go with anyone but you. So come on down. And we did.

The new house is on a bluff, on the edge of a 500ft bluff. It is big, it is a rambler and then some. We got it for a steal. Somehow it slipped through the fingers of those who just couldn’t close the deal in this market and we got it. It was a very good deal and my dh is so proud of his patience and diligence in watching this house go on for sale, through other offer and no one got it. It is a tough time to finance a house with today’s tighter lending requirements.

Anyway, I will not continue the Bright’s Northfield Restaurant Blog as before. However, I will start anew with Living on the Edge with Bright and I will write about any ol thing whenever I want. If you are not on RSS with me, now’s a good time, cuz I don’t’ know if will continue to let me blog.
But thanks to them anyway. Thanks a bunch!

Oh, I am sure we will run up here from time to time to see friends and all. But, for all practical purposes, it’s Good Bye, Northfield, Good bye! It’s been great knowing you.

Veteran’s Day Deals

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Around the country, companies, restaurants, and service offer veterans deals. In Northfield, Applebee’s, Taco Bell, and Arby’s are amongst the restaurants that offer deals. Nationwide, Dell computer offers special deals to veterans and, at any time, cell phone service providers must by Federal law offer deals to veterans and Federal employees.

If you are a local Northfield business and wish to offer deals to veterans on November 11, or any time, email me at beautywood. You know to add my name bright and to add .com

I will post this notice again if I get any more offers for Veteran’s’ Day deals or other special veteran’s offers.