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Why Not Exercize? Living on the Edge

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Had a really good time today making impromptu and delicious Minestrone soup, exercising from the comfort of my own dry and warm home on my exercycle, and learning more about how to make living with my 100 pound collie ‘puppy’ a more rewarding experience for me and him. And then I thought of a story I would like to share.

As you may recall, we have recently moved, and my dh did most of the heavy lifting, if not all. Before he began, he had a cyst on his wrist, you know, the kind you get from playing bass guitar or spending a lot of time at a computer, clicking and such. Well, about two weeks into the move, we notice the cyst was about 90% gone. I blame it on the exerxise, although I do know of another case of wrist cyst where the person was a twenty something year old bass player. He used to take a big book and whack the cyst as hard as he could. It did the trick, as far as one could tell without an X-ray.

The only point I want to make is that some home type mechanical solutions to some physical problems, and some mental ones as well, may be used to keep our countries health care costs down. Disclaimer…I am not a Doctor or in NO Way associated with any health care profession. I am just telling you what I saw. And what I saw was that physical labor or force may possibly be a good cure for a wrist cyst, always check with your doctor.

Natural Wonders, Living on The Edge

Sunday, December 19th, 2010

Dh and I have had some weeks now to settle into our new digs and we have found that we share this space with lots of critters, two legged, four legged, winged and no see-ums, but unlike other places we lived, the critters get just as much enjoyment watching us as we do them. haha.

I often catch a blue jay or deer looking into my studio, or living room. I do have a few no window areas, but they are water closets, or just plain closets. or actually, the garage has no windows either. Nice, privacy. Cool.

But, then I think of the dang ol satellite looming in the sky. I wonder if it’s the same one that hangs over Northfield. Hmmm. Better keep covered up at any rate.

But as I watched the sun rise over the Great River this morning with it’s rays being brightly dispersed through fog and crystalized droplets so far as to make it fifty times it’s normal size, I’d say it’s all worth it.

Happy Holidays to All!

To Those That Move Us

Friday, December 10th, 2010

While I don’t sit around waiting for trains to pass by hundreds of feet below my glass wall view, I did notice the trains coming along yesterday at about one every ten minutes or so it seemed for a while in the afternoon. These trains were not the coal trains or the gasoline fuel trains, but the freight cars you see loaded onto trucks. All sorts of different sources, colors and logos whirring by as fast as possible to their destination load stations.

I begin to think that the reason for this surge is surely the holiday season, to replenish the stores every day with the tons and tons and tons of gifts, decorations, food for both animal and humans, and maybe there is some office paper and automobile parts thrown in for rational measure.

Then I begin to think about all the trucks waiting for their loads and how they become part of the 24/7 stream up and down along the highways, hoping to make some extra time and money so they, too, can have some special holiday time with their loved ones and friends. Carrying along the hopes and dreams
and medication for the people of a continent, these determined men and women are truly unsung heroes for us all.

(Safety note: be sure to always give the big trucks plenty of space on the highways and roads. It takes them much longer to get going, turn corners and much longer to stop due to their size and weight…never, ever cut them off, please.)

Happy Holidays to those who move the country! And to all of you who celebrate for any reason at all, have a safe and happy time of it!

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First Firsts

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

There are firsts for everything under the sun. This week I have experienced my first home on a cliff edge, my first sunrise and my first power outage in the home, my first time seeing eagles from above their flight and my first guest in our new home.

I’ll start by saying we have a home with 70 linear feet of sliding glass doors view of the spectacular bluffs of the Mississippi River. It is simply to live for. We see incredible hundred year old oak, lovely birch and pine trees, a lake, a river, the Minnesota and Wisconsin bluffs, and of course, the Great River.

Our first sunrise on the first morning was as incredible as I dreamt it could be, and as soon as I get my regular putie up, I will post a photo.

My neighbor to the north came by and offered photos of what this house used to look like inside. She also gave me an older phone book to look up helpful people. She chatted about how the deer come by to nibble on our shared arbor vitae and how the rest of the rascally animal kingdom come around to help us share our trash. Good to know. I love critters, but this isn’t the first time I have lived among them and while I appreciate them sharing the space with me, I know how uncomfortable it can get when species collide over food. But, more than that, I am so grateful for having a neighbor who is friendly and helpful.

Because I am so dependent on electricity for my life, I called Xcel to see what I should expect for power outages in this area. I had put it off several days, just wanting to enjoy the space and newness of it all. The Xcel rep told me that the power had been down four times in two years, for about a minute each time. I was so relieved. Even I can go a minute without power, I told her. Then, the very next day, the power went out. We called in and Xcel told dh that they would be up and running in 90 minutes or so. The power came back on in 64 minutes. I was so afraid and so relieved. Let’s hope that’s about all for this year. I can only take so much, and I am sure there are others who would have a tough time without power for more than a short time. Phew!

Now, the best part was yesterday, when we saw what seemed to be a family of eagles fly past here, not once, not twice, but many, many times over the course of a 7 hour period. We are right about at the height of their flight path, so we see them first as a straight side view. Then, when they catch an upward draft or swoop down to the cornfields hunting grounds, we see the under and the over. But the white tail and head are always prominently displayed.

Honestly, though, the eagles are a magnificent species and breathtakingly beautiful and so efficient in flight. Please visit the National Eagle Center if you have never been. It is eye opening and enjoyable for the whole family .

Everyone in town it seems is aware of this house. It used to be the biggest on the bluff, but no more, since the town pharmacist built a bigger one on the next bluff, as if to say, na na na na na na. Huh!
I have him fooled because it is not the house so much as the wind and the sky that I love and the creatures from the Creator, whom I honor and am so grateful to for my dear life and all that surrounds me.