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Stacy’s Kitchen, Wabasha, MN

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Stacy’s Kitchen is only opened until 2PM every day except Tuesdays so if you sleep til noon, you might miss out. So, Get Up, You Lazy Fool! Drag your self over there cuz the food is really good.

I and dh have been there twice already. I had the special lasagna and side salad with the bleu cheese dressing which is my secret way of telling what is to come after the salad, and dh had French toast and thick smoked apple bacon the first time which all was good enough to try a second time before we stamped our big important judgment on it. So, today, I had the special of the month Greek omelette with mushrooms, artichoke,tomato, feta cheese and black olives, and dh had his fav bacon dbl cheeseburger with kettle chips…and my personal favorite, a cold crisp garlic pickle spear. A real and rare treat these days. We also had two strong iced teas. Very nice.

Stacy serves the different flavored kettle chips in a tray, still in their individual sized bags. I brought the Maui Onion flavor one home to try…at $2.25 per bag along with their famous melt in your mouth cinnamon buns at only $2.50 each.

Stacy’s is just across the street from the U.S. Post Office and you can see the National Eagle Center from there, too.

Stacy’s is small, but laid out well so that there are quite a few table tops, very creatively decorated with very nice restrooms and, although it’s handicap accessible, I wouldn’t say it’s 100% easy due to a tight entryway and small step.

What Is Art Good For?

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Northfield is a town for the arts. The people really work to have an environment where children, teens, adults and seniors are all very active in the arts.
But why do we want art in our environment? How does it help us, what is it good for anyway?

All my life, I have studied art on my own in schools, world renown museums, galleries,in, around and literally on the streets. But what is the purpose of all these drawings and paintings and sculptures and thingamajigs and fancy, raw and courageous doodads, these live plays, musical concerts, movies and street mimes?

Some people say it is all about the artist expressing themselves. Some say a work of art tells a story. Still others claim it’s a cultural device to preserve the ideas of a certain nation, tribe or individual. And all these and more are, have been, and will be true about works of art be it written, danced, acted, painted or built…even the non doing of any of the aforementioned may be considered art by some. Now, I will not try to define art, art types or which art is good or bad, let’s leave that up to the historians, philosophers, critics, judges, and juries. I condemn no art or attempt at art, while I am not happy with the lack of it within society as a whole.

Here is a list of all the reasons I can think of today that art is good for. (My apologies for the dangling preposition in the title and throughout the article.)

I’ll start out with one of my own favorite, art that is good for looking into the workings of another mind in a environment and time the same or different from my own. It is so much fun to see the differences and the similarities in the lives of others. Artists share that information knowingly or not. Each art work often closely reflects the state of mind of it’s creator. I believe that it cannot be helped, for even if the artist was trying to cover up his or her own nature, that very fact would show something about the artist’s leanings.

Then, some artists use art to wrestle with intellectual ideas and concepts. Art can also be used to destroy old notions of art, political beliefs and religious fervor, amongst other things. Sometimes art can be confusing, but if the viewer spends some time working through the fog, he or she may be rewarded generously with a renewed view of the world. Some artists use art to investigate, innovate or destroy the old ways!

Artists may feel an emotional, therapeutic release from creating something beautiful, useful, funny or whatever. For some, art is a stimulant for imagination which spawns more art or art leanings. Art can foster a sense of play and exploration which may lead to a love of learning.

Art can tell stories and those stories may also be lessons in life. Art can show us the way to a good life, good relationships, the joy of good food, clothing and travel, as well as the opposites.

Art can teach us to question, break down barriers of traditional color, lines, forms, movement, subjects, ideas and feelings.

An artist might want to share their vision for the future with us, or show us something that does not yet exist or never will. Art can show vanity, wealth
poverty, and power, the hardships of war as well as the glory or the grand luxuries or the boredom or delight of peaceful times. Art can have political motivation.

Art can recreate reality in different sizes which can upset our notion of what reality is and how it works…while it stirs our imagination. For me, that’s the highest calling of art. Often, the artist will experiment and use new techniques and new material combinations to bring discovery and invention to the society which welcomes it. Maybe an artist just likes to show off, get attention for attention’s sake and that too is a perfectly valid reason for art.

So let us work for art and play at it and let art work for us and or play us…no matter what the rationale!

Slippery’s Answer

Friday, March 4th, 2011

No, I am not talking about a politician’s answer to an pointed question. I’m talking about the restaurant sitting on the banks of the Mississippi River in Wabasha, MN known as Slippery’s Tavern and Ristorante’s answer to the question, “Where is a good time for food and fun on the Great River?”

Dh and I decided to go there even if all it promised to be was an old restaurant living off the fame brought by the movie, “Grumpy Old Men” and its sequel. Turned out, I was pleasantly surprised at the wonderfully authentic, clean, family oriented, full service bar, full dock, full out door deck and t-shirt shop with really delicious cole slaw…oh, and don’t forget the gum ball machines!

Yep, I said cole slaw. So many places used to put some slop in a paper cup and call it cole slaw, but it was really just chunky glop. Well, once in awhile I run into a good batch of this stuff, and it tells me that the people in the kitchen, and owners and managers really care about what they serve. As the meal progressed, I continued to be impressed while I devoured my best ever walleye sandwich while Dh ate his altogether good burger with the all the works and fixings including kettle chips that I kept stealing because I couldn’t help it.

Slippery’s Tavern and Ristorante also has a variety of dishes from Greek Chicken to Cajun Chicken to Linguini Prima Vera and there are a couple of steaks and a nice range of food for just about anyone’s desire.

We didn’t have time for dessert, really I am back on my food crunch as I look 130 pounds in the face, but we had some excellent service and good stories by a lady named Sherry (hope I’m spelling your name right, Sherrie?) but we hope to return soon to try out a few more morsels.

I really liked the atmosphere and I felt like I was on a boat dining there by the window with just a narrow deck between me and the Great River.
Gee, that was a lot of fun for me who has been sitting around inside most of the winter.

Now, although the restaurant is right on the banks of the Mighty Mississipp, (talk about living on the edge!) and spring floods are in the making, and Sherri tells me Slippery’s does get flooded, they take everything upstairs and serve meals from there!. Way to go! We’ll be there if we can, for the food and the view!

Thanks, Slippery’s, for the super good meal and super friendly service.