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T-bones Grill and Bar

Friday, May 13th, 2011

T-bones Grill and Bar
260 Main Street West
Wabasha, MN 55981
11 am – 10 pm daily

We floated into T-bones yesterday for the first time ever around noon time and were happy to see a familiar face. Darryl, a waiter we had met in another establishment was now working here for the same owner of both places. Anyway, he was glad to show us the menus and explained that we might be able to get some of the dinner menu items at lunchtime.

The atmosphere was really neat. Very high ceilings with dual floor seating and outdoor terrace seating as well. We are just a stone’s throw away from that mighty river, the ol Mississippi, and she is very high, but not that high yet. Whheew!

There are wine racks on one wall and long paper rectangle light fixtures drifting up by the ceiling. There is lots of natural lighting and there is a small sit down bar where you can watch tv and the top half of the kitchen goings on. Modern tile floor and all steel bathrooms, to boot! Very well done.

For lunch I had the Ceasar’s salad with chicken because I am watching my weight as I gained a few pounds over this dreary winter. But then, I asked for hash browns and they only have hash browns with delicious creamy gooey flavorful cheese. So, I got that, but then, feeling enourmously guilty, I traded half of it to dh for some of what he had to offer, which was beef au jus from his Italian style beef sandwich that I dipped my hot dog shaped dinner roll into. Good. Really good. I went a little crazy I guess…never go to a good restaurant hungry when you are watching your weight. Haha.

The food was all good. And at the end, dh had to order a seven layer chocolate cake which I tasted twice and have nothing whatsoever bad to say about it. Oh, yeah, dh ordered iced tea which I stole a sip from and it gets my vote for the strongest, yet not bitter unsweetened tea we have ever had. So, good job, T-bones. We’ll be back!