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Rabbit Bakery

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

Rabbit Bakery

We pulled up to this lovely little place in an old wonderful building with arched windows and doorway, the Rabbit signage hanging by one bolt instead of two after a windy evening in Lake City.
We had called first to check their hours because we know from driving to Lake City last week that they are opened only half the time that other restaurants would be…but this is one of those special little places that keeps its own time.

I ordered a Strawberry with Cream Danish, it looked so good, not like the ones most of us see around…and dh ordered a giant cinnamon roll with a ton of delicious cinnamon inside and some house brew ice tea. I have to tell you that all three things were great. Even the iced water I ordered was super fine tasting. We also ordered home brewed iced tea which was served over plenty of ice and was strong enough to take it. It was a bit biting, but with all the sweetness we were experiencing.

We decided to bring home some bread and more Danish. The bread had a dark crust and a rich yellow bread. It is an extremely chewy and tasty bread with plenty of gluten, if you like that sort of thing. We did. We had it for dinner with some ham and cheese on the side and olive oil and balsamic vinegar from the Cheese Cave in Faribault. Delish!
We bought two loaves, and I froze one for later, a later surprise, after I forget it’s in the freezer and discover it accidentally. Yeah!

While we were there, we saw the Wabasha Bike Club members along with their bikes and bus. The members were gaily dressed in bright blue vests with red and yellow accents and black bike shorts, mostly over age 50, I’d guess, and very much into the sandwiches, and coffee from Rabbit Bakery which smelled wonderful to me, though I rarely drink the uplifing/depressing stuff anymore. And I feel 100% better for it.

The small Bakery keeps a stream of people coming was awash with people; a mom and her small child, a man and his teenage daughter, a sister and a brother who stood at the tiny counter and pondered and discussed endlessly with each other what they would choose to buy while everyone patiently waited in line behind them. You can tell the regulars because they wait in line with a bunch of single dollars in hand.

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I highly recommend Rabbit Bakery if you are in Lake City, MN sometime, but be sure to check their irregular hours and time of year that they are open. Rabbit’s Bakery Catering Take Out Alcohol WiFi Outside Dining
304 S Washington St,
Lake City, MN
Phone Number: