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Guest Chef’s – A Great Idea!

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Up at Coffee Mill’s Chippewa Restaurant, we have had the great pleasure of having a couple of special dinner nights with guest chefs…members of the golf club who are good, if not super good chefs. In both cases, we got barbequed meat and veggies. I won’t go into how delicious the filet mignon steak was, or how exhilerating the pork ribs were last night…but I want to talk about what a good idea it was to have people who may only have one thing they cook well come in and do their thing for a predetermined size group who sign up for the deal weeks beforehand.
The price has been right, the change of menu is delightful, and the results, so good.

If you own a restaurant, or if you have just one meal you mastered the heck out of, why not get it together and
share your talents or your talented person with the rest of us. We love it!