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Where Have I Been Lately?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

If things seem a little quiet around Northfield (when the hot rods aren’t there) it may be because we have finally sold our home sweet home. The honors go to Carol Hong of Coldwell Banker. She is a wonderful woman who does a great job and never gave us a moment of concern. We did have to lower our price from what we had hoped, but that’s an old story. We found a great buyer and we are so proud of the deal and how it went down…smooth as melted butter.
I will miss Northfield, but I really love it here in Wabasha so much. The trees, the sky, the river, the space, the no big box stores, and most of all, really, really friendly people.

Last weekend, we visited the Minnesota Maritime Museum of Art. They had a special show on photography and we spend quite a lot of time in the new wing. OMG. There are oil paintings therein from brand names like Georgia O’Keefe, Monet and Picasso. There is an American Illumination painting that brought tears to my eyes, it was so
completely beautiful. You must go there soon. MMMA is a treasure.

Wabasha has it’s Septober fest for six weeks and there’s plenty to do on the weekends, as well as the everyday National Eagle Center. We took a ride on the Segue vehicles last weekend. What a trip!

All the restaurants in town are really good. The prices are right, the people are nice, so keep coming all year round.

Wabasha is the oldest town west of the Mississippi River.

Stay tuned as I occasionally write about tips and stuff I think is neat, even if it isn’t ol’ Northfield.

One of my favorite new food recipes is to make boca burgers taste like a new dish after years of eating them for breakfast several times per week. I add three tato tots with melted cheese on them. Put them in the microwave with the burger, and maybe a few seconds more. Put them on the veggie burger and make a sandwich with light Italian bread, or gluten free tapioca toast. Ketchup if you got it. Enjoy!

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