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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to all! An attitude of gratitude is always the best. Don’t eat too much and get some much needed rest, I guess.

I have so much to be grateful for in my life, if I were to pass away today, I know I did the best I could and saw many, many wonderful things. Like children laughing and singing, waterfalls, tall and wide, mountains and oceans
and people full of pride. I saw puppies and tigers and giraffes and bears and all of the birds that fly in the air.

I’ll stop here and let you think about the wonderful places and things you have seen and wish you a happy holiday, whatever that means to you.

I am watching two parades on tv, one from my home town, Chicago, and one from Macy’s New York. I am grateful for tv, too.

Times Are Tough Tender Recipe

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Times are tough and people are staying home to eat more and more. Some people are even learning to cook. Nice.

Here is a basic recipe that every civilized culture has some version of. It’s very versatile. You will need at least a two quart stove top pan with lid. I like stainless steel cookware.

Start with long grain brown rice. Very little gluten, high fiber, filling and nutty flavor. Takes on all sorts of herb and spice flavors. I always add a tab of butter cuz the brain needs some fat, and a bit of olive oil for the heart. A tablespoon will do. Throw in one or more cloves of garlic for health and an odoriferous addition.

Then take some canned red beans. Throw those in to two cups of uncooked rice in a pan with four cups of water
Bring water and rice and beans to a boil and then set on low simmer for one half hour until rice is tender.

That’s a meal right there. Now, let’s get fancy. Add one quarter onion, any color, red, yellow or white. Add a handful of raw carrots. Now you have a more complete meal.

Add cumin and hot peppers for flavor and heat, if you like. Serve over a bed of raw spinach or romaine lettuce. Now you have a fancy, highly nutritional meal.

Still, not enough. With the leftovers next day, heat up the rice and all. Once heated, add a raw scrambled egg or two and stir it in, slowly for a minute or so. Melt some cheese on top after plating. This is now borderline gourmet, and you never had a live lesson yet! Easy, huh?

You can change the type of rice, beans, veggies or spices and herbs. You can add boiled chicken, leftover hamburger, or any meat or fish you like. Leave out any ingredient, add some potato. It’s like Legos!

Now You’ve Gone TOO Far!

Monday, November 14th, 2011

I was looking at a new online over 50 magazine when I cam across this article that peaked my interest. Here you go, you know how much I like to share…

We are all going to do this someday. We are all going to kick the bucket. The bucket will fall over and out will spill our, well, our everything. Then, what? Be buried, tossed, burned to bits. But, are you going to die green? Will your last breath leave a legacy of living green til the very last drop. See

OMGoodness, The Railhouse Grill is Opened for Business!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011
800 West LYON Avenue
Lake City, Mn

I am so glad to have a new restaurant to report on. This place, newly new, is a real American restaurant for the 21st century. Not too fancy, not too plain. Prices are just right. Food is more than one would expect and for extra convenience, it is attached to the Liquor Depot.

Although the big train that travels parallel to HWY 61 also travels right to the back of the Grill, it’s not that noticeable. Especially since Connie, the hostess and Shelly, the waitress, are so kind and thorough with all the customers. They took especially good care of me.

I had the tuna steak sandwich that comes with both Swiss and cheddar cheese, I did miss the pickle and garnishes, but not so much because the sandwich was so delicious, I made a special effort to savor it slowly. Dh had the Thursday night ribs, which I have to say, are as good as they get. Falling off the fork tender, and tasty without eing overdone.

The sides were very good, too. I had the tomato bisque soup, very tasty, well seasoned, low salt and the cole slaw was minus the extra mystery sauce and went down easily. The taters were broiled and just perfectly done so that you could eat a few and not feel too full right away. The iced tea was a good and strong, but not killer and had the regular iced tea flavor we have known for years before the fruity ones hit the market. All is all, a big smiley face dinner.

I hope you can make it out there sometime soon. Just follow the birds south if you are coming from the Twin Cities otherwise look to Canada and follow your nose. :)

Update: We met some friends at Railhouse for Thanksgiving and the meal was a typical thanksgiving meal, including ham and pie and as hard as I tried, I could not find anything wrong with the meal, the service or the beautiful 60 degree day we enjoyed!

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