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Gee, I’m Grumpy!

Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Well, at least I know why.  For so many years my dh and I have been on a quest to find good eateries and great scenery and nice people and comfortable places to sit my self down.  We have found the good eateries and the great scenery and some very nice people, but dang nab it, so few places can I say I was comfortable.   Maybe this is the key to why America has grown so rotund.  We are carrying around our own seating because the places we go to be served and entertained and comfortable no longer provide cushioned seating, let alone, flattering lighting, save George’s Vineyard and Perkins, Sammy’s Pizza, booths only, and a few others, a very few others.

I know it is costly,restaurant owners and designers, but I think people would be more inclined to come out and give you business if they didn’t have to feel so pressed to leave right away.   Please install at least some soft seating.  My butt is too boney to enjoy  wooden seats these days.   And while you are at it, please give some thought and some tests to the lighting you install.  It’s a make or brake kind of deal for some of us.  We want to be looking our best when people are sitting across from us looking at all our perfect and imperfect features.