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Fiesta Jalisco

Monday, May 28th, 2012

117 South Lakeshore Drive,  Lake City, MN  55041

651 345 2216

You may already be familiar with the only Mexican restaurant in Red Wing.   You know the one we always pass by when we are traveling on Hwy  61.  Well, they have opened up a satellite place and a very well appointed one at that in Lake City.  We surprised ourselves when we were on our way in desire of pizza when we noticed the Fiesta Jalisco.

Fiesta is a well appointed, comfortable restaurant and bar.  It has nice big cushy booths and easy to listen to Mexican music playing in the background.  Tasteful paintings and easy ceiling fans add to the appetite stimulating atmosphere.

We were greeted by Sara who was so nice and charming a hostess.  She told us that Jalisco is an area in South Central Mexico and the area from which her family came.  We so enjoyed our conversation with her, but it came time to satisfy our hunger when the stomach tried to join into the conversation, too.

Dh ordered the Beef Burrito and said it was fine, good and a few other manly gruntings.  I ordered the No. 11 Combination, which is Enchilada, Chile Relino, Taco, with chicken or pollo.

I was very pleased with the lightness of the food, the quality and taste were bueno, mucho bueno!

We took home an order of churritos and found them to be just delicious. They were apple churritos and I liked them so much.

The prices were very good, the food was very good, the service was very good and the atmosphere, music, comfort level, easy access, all, so good.   We’ll be back again and again.

Good luck to Fiesta Jalisco in Lake City!

Restaurant Challenge

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Everywhere we go these days, the same basic menu appears before my jaded eyes. How about putting at least one thing on the menu that is different that is delicious that looks incredible and let people flock from miles around, nay, may visitors come from country wide just to look at your exquisite artistic food offering.  Just one, people.  I cannot eat one more veggie burger, chicken sandwich, shrimp alfredo, without at least having something to look forward to after the meal, or during the meal that would make me feel like the effort to come to your place and spend my money was worth every bite.  Just one thing!  Think European bakeries, a lovely quiche, or something from your childhood, real mac and cheese with bread crumbles on top, and even greater things might be cooked up to show appreciation for the customer.  The Middle Eastern restaurants often offer free baklava.   It shows appreciation and it is appreciated.   I like that.