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Minnesota State Fair New Food, 2012

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Minnesota State Fair New Food, 2012.  There is some good looking choices this year and some bad ones.  Don’t come crying to me if you make the wrong ones too many times!  These are some major calorie eats. Have fun at the fair.  I am going to try and make some at home til then.  Wish me luck.

Paint It Back

Monday, June 25th, 2012

If you are wondering where the heck I have been, I can tell you now I have been here at home while three workmen have painted all the wooden surfaces on my half brick, half wooden home.  It’s quite a process when they actually paint with a brush as opposed to the quick air brush technique that was applied to our Northfield home. Brush painting lasts longer than air brushing.

Two of the same painters did the work both in Northfield and here in my new home.  Both times, a very good job was done, a nice fair price was paid, and no undue delays, the rainy weather being the only one.  I always like to give you all a heads up when I find a good deal and this is no exception.  If you are looking to stay in your home or sell it quickly, a new paint job, like a face lift, does wonders for the soul.

We hired and recommend Painting Plus of Northfield, talk to Ted Robertson at 506-645-7688.  Tell them Bright sent you.  No kickbacks involved, just a good recommendation for a job well done.  So paint it back to the way it looked on day one.

In addition, Ted’s company also does epoxy floors for industrial or gargage floors in large companies or homes. He showed me pictures and it looks good.

Antique Shopper

Monday, June 4th, 2012

I am going to be focused more on shops and trips over the next few weeks because  after six years  I am tired of writing about food and I have found some darling shops to bring to your attention.

Yesterday, we visited Antique Shopper which is a multi-dealer shop with two floors of antiques, collectibles and more.   We were headed for our new fav restaurant Fiesta Jalesco again, but we well, I, wanted to check out the shop.  I have not been antiquing for awhile, as many of the shops are musty or too hot for me, but this shop was just right.  Not only that, but the owner, a really nice lady named Cathy or Kathy, was there to talk to us and who has such a lovely personality, I was just so very impressed.

I went in really just to browse around, but because they had such a wonderful selection of items, and well priced, I ended up coming out with four items.  Now, I am not a person who has to shop or won’t reconsider my purchases to make sure they aren’t just impulse buys.  I will walk out without a thing and feel just as good about that if I have not seen anything worthy of our hard earned cash.  But I did find the four items and I’ll pull a quick Maggie Lee* on  you right now;

I got a 5 inch deep and 11 inch in diameter gold leaf and etched clear glass bowl, a glass
wings spread bird statue about 9 inches high and as wide, a white and red stained glass sailboat about seven inches high with a green fishy,  an awesome set of stone coasters from Disney’s Yacht Club along with a black metal stand,plus a small burnished metal paddle boat with movable paddle, about 2 inches lone and 1 and 1/2 inch high.

When you are there, grab a yellow brochure that gives you all the area antique shops in the Zumbro River Valley…42 to be exact.  Well, there might be others, but that’s for you to discover, or not.

Antique Shopper is handicap friendly for the upper floor, but send someone down with an iphone to send photos up from the basement floor. The shop is opened every day, except Thursday in the off season months.

So, the shopping was good, the Mexican restaurant was good, and the people were all good.  Nice way to spend an afternoon in Lake City, MN.

Antique Shopper

113 S. Lakeshore Drive, Hwy 61

Lake City, MN  55401


Maggie Lee is the former editor, founder and now column writer for the Northfield News.