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Skyline on Pepin

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Haven’t blogged this one for almost two years, though we do frequent this one for it diverse menu, great ambiance, nice waitstaff and easy in and out handicap access.

It is on the river, Lake Pepin, the sailboats frequently are passing by, it has a large bar and three season seating, as well as indoor seating with booths, padded seats, tv, music and the best pizza besides it’s diverse American menu.

Everything I have had, I have liked.  No surprises, but good food and it is attached to a motel and you can buy tickets to the Pearl of the Lake steamboat for a two mile cruise.

Skyline on Pepin, Lakeside Dining and Coctails located at 1702 Lakeshore Drive, N.
in Lake City, Minnesota 651-345-5353.

Gee, Oh, The R Mal!

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Four of five wells dug into my lawn

Geothermal.  As I type this out, a couple of men are using a couple of huge trucks to work on and drill four wells to set us up with a geothermal system that should save us quite a pretty penny.  While it costs quite a bit up front, the idea is to  Reduce Use, and that is what the R stands for in my subject headline.

Our new home has several hundred feet of glass and eletric tape heat which proved to be very expensive even during this last mild winter.  We have been looking at the three main types of off the grid systems and found this one for this instance most agreeable. WE did interview a few different agents and read all we could.  We wanted to get the tax rebate before it expires and we want to be good citizens of the earth as well, no pun intended.

The inner working have been installed, new delivery lines, new furnace and air conditioner systems.  The drilling started about ten days ago, but do to a broken drill tip, another incident or two, the holidays, weekend and whatever we hope to finish up this week.  I will be posting photos and follow up when we see how it all works in reality.

Until then, I would encourage you, especially commercial building owners to look into this technology to be able to provide yourself and your clients with an enjoyable ambient air environment.  If you are planning to be in your own home, or sell soon, I think this is a great feature to make your place a great place to live in or buy.   Wish us luck!
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I’m Staying Home

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

We have been getting out to eat as usual, two, maybe three times per week and I just cannot see why I should continue to support some of these many restaurants around town and beyond.  First of all, I know how competitive it is.  With towns under 5,000 population, few people can afford or even want to eat outside of their familial circles.  And then, there seems to be two or three restaurants opening up shortly after others went down.

The mistakes are still being made though.  The people with money are generally older.  Give them comfort.  Cool in summer, warm in winter. Put some padding on the seating.  Why should I go to a restaurant where they don’t care about my comfort level.  Now, some have music, but it is either blaring, or too soft to hear.  Find a happy medium and let me depend on it.  The prices have gone up.  I understand that, but to lessen the already rather miniscule servings is getting borderline ridiculous.  I am a small woman withe a medium appetite and I am going away hungry now.

And for Pete’s sake, leave the chattering-all-about-me waitstaff in the kitchen…I’ll come and get the meal myself if it means I can have an uninterrupted meal without the stuff I don’t want to know and didn’t ask about.  It’s not on the menu!

Make it family friendly.  Either serve pizza and spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese or have a family night where the parents can actually afford a family spread for 4 or 5 members.  Roasted Chicken and potatoes, with a fruit salad, serves 4-6, $19.95. Comes with pitchers of water and milk.

Okay, rant over.  Good luck, out there!