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Anderson House

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Sunday Brunch was a nice step back in time when restaurants served food like mom served at home if you were
Pennsylvania Dutch or anything remotely close. Great slices of real ham, lovely strips of bacon, maple flavored sausage, lightly cooked sliced potatoes, three bean salad, green bean with peas, quiche, scrambled eggs, baking soda biscuits, toaster French toast and waffles, mixed seasonal fruit, endless juice, tea, coffee, then desserts; pumpkin bread, lemon cake, double chocolate cake, and brownie bites. All for $11.50 each.

The staff is very friendly, and although the front door has a couple of small steps, due to having to build up a little as it is one block off the Mississippi River, and therefore not handicap accessible, there might be a back way, call first.

The restaurant is only open on Sunday from 10am to 2pm. And the hotel is opened Thursday thru Sunday. Call first.

We very much enjoyed the atmosphere of lovely pieces of furniture and lighting, plus the good food and great staff. We’ll do that again.

Historic Anderson House is opened with antique styled rooms and a lovely Dutch restaurant in Wabasha, MN.
West Main Street

Where Have I Been?

Friday, August 24th, 2012

When the weather is nice, you’ll find me and D about anywhere good. We don’t pay much attention to the time, we just go, unless we go to Wabasha, and then, all you see is one great four faced clock newly installed with caroling bells and an assortment of happy tunes.
Wabasha has been a sleepy town, a boom town, and a sleepy town. Now it wants to be a boom town because, gee, heck, it’s right on
Hwy 60 and US 61 and it’s got a lot to offer after all is said and done. Bong Bong Bong! The Wabasha Clock was donated by The Ruth and George Doffing Fund. Wabasha is the oldest town in Minnesota.

I have also been eating at my fav watering holes, the New Bluff View Grille, up on the hill in the Coffee Mill golf club, run by the same people who have Fireside in Dennison. We had the chicken quesidillas for dinner tonight and they were g r e a t, like great! along with fresh avocado, tomatoes and onion. The full order was good for a five person appetizer, and my dinner. While the service is a bit slow, we had plenty of time to chat and view the gorgeous views, and when the order came, we got everything we ordered in perfect temperature and all together. Quite a feat. Come as you are!

I also love Town and Country Cafe in Kellogg, for it’s cheap eats and how they always welcome us as if we were family. I made a special order of grilled fish, and although our cook, Jenny, had never tried that before, she gave it a try, cooked the fish as I liked, and did a whopping good job of it! YAY, Jenny!

We noticed that the Historic Anderson House is opened with antique styled rooms and a lovely Dutch restaurant. See for more information. Get a massage while you are there.

I Think They Heard Me and More

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t do any good to complain. I think and I have been told that some of these restaurant owners, managers, whathaveyou’s, have been listening to me. Suddenly, I hear music, and my butt’s not sore from sitting on the hard stuff.
Restaurants are adding healthier meal choices, like the Cranberry Walnut Chicken at the Bluff View Cafe in Wabasha, or the Chicken Fiesta Salad at Railhouse Grille in Lake City. It doesn’t take much to put a few extra nice ingredients in a salad. You don’t have to cook it, just toss it in and walaah! Good work, restaurant people!

Today is the second to the last day to see the Audubon exhibit at the Minnesota Museum of Marine Art.

I Think They HERD Me

Are your county or city taxes going way up again? Don’t be mad at your neighbor or political adversary. Have some local in home meetings. Put your heads together, figure out ways to lower the costs of way too high services and put solutions in front of the noses of your local politicians who may have overlooked a few good things. At least look into it and see whether or not I am right. Everyone I know says I am. And please Don’ t let political or religious differences keep us from talking to each other for the good of all. I beg you.

I Think It Hurts
As for good news, The cooler weather is here to stay I think and we have made it through a very tough summer. On the other hand, we lost our home in the recent Oklahoma fires and we did not get insurance for it due to the prohibitive costs. We knew the risks and enjoyed what we had while we had it. We still have the land, but the rest is history. We wanted so much to be part of nature and live amongst the trees and animals. As a city kid, I did not know what all that meant until I spent a few weeks in our OK place.

Growing up in Chicago, I never knew you could hear a truck five miles away coming down the pike. In Chicago, there is a constant drone of traffic heard everywhere that you don’t even know you are hearing until you leave the city. I never knew that scorpions can squeeze themselves down to a paper thin thickness and slide in any hint of a crack and bite you right on your whatever. I also didn’t know that no amount of traps will keep them down forever. They find a way out, given enough time. Scorpians are the survivors infinite.

I did not know that the sky can become filled with choking sand at the end of the day when everyone comes home on dusty roads after work in their SUV’s and pickups. I did not know that temperatures of 105 and more during the day, can stay that hot all night long. And I had no idea what dry, parched earth was really like because I lived next to Lake Michigan most of my life before I moved to Oklahoma. Nuff said.

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