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Recognizing Genius By Remote Control System

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

First, the back story;

About five years ago, I went on oxygen therapy, 24/7, for COPD. It was prescribed that I get hooked up to an oxygen concentrator machine which is a unit about 3 ft by 2ft by 18 inches approximately, takes up space and the looks are not all that exciting. The machine makes a pumping sound every second or so as it draws air from the surrounding area and filters it so that 90% oxygen can be pushed through to the oxygen patient.

The oxygen concentrator machine is noisy and we were lucky enough to be able to store it out of ear’s hearing range, but then one of us would have to go down two flights of stairs and back to change the oxygen level every time I went from doing to resting and vice versa. Well, now we come to the genius part.

I know a person who does very well with machines, digital electronics, and so forth, and within hours, this person came up with an idea and a remote control system that would actually turn the machine up and down from wherever I was in the house. The rc system used my cell phone which I carry around anyway and a controller and some electronic components, like a small laptop computer at the concentrator location to turn my oxygen levels up or down, as much as possible and all I had to do was open my cell phone and select the level I wanted then find and select the network that was dedicated to this purpose was at my new oxygen level.

Needless to say, this has been huge blessing in my life because turning myself up and down manually was very tiring, boring and disruptive to my life. Having the machine in the room with me would be really boring, too. Oh, I appreciate the oxygen concentrator all right, but I really appreciate the genius, who happens to be my husband, who invented this system for me. And we must not forget to mention what a genius I am to have picked him to marry!

My husband is always looking for an interesting new challenge or project. He is a computer consultant with many talents and he can partner easily with people who need to grow their business, and otherwise move forward. Most recently he devise a plan for a mom and pop business that will save them $250,000 per year, just by making a few in house changes. On a larger level, he completed an involved data center migration in a very short amount of time when a medium sized company had a deadline they could not meet in house which saved the company’s biggest client from leaving them.

You can find him and tons of recommendations on LinkedIn, and although he does many jobs, he also finishes them and so we are always networking to find more work. He has proven to be an asset beyond the original reason for his being hired as he always comes up with ways to improve efficiency and financial approaches to his clients. There are very few jobs my husband has been offered that he wasn’t able to do, that is why he charges by results, not by the hour.
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