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Hey, Stinky!

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

Today we were at one of my now fav restaurants, no name mentioned, I felt obligated to tell a wait person that the cologne was too much for me and that is why I had not given the usual smile and laugh and happy greeting to this wait person. I had given it some thought because 99 out of 100 times, waitresses and waiters know better than to overwhelm the scent of the food, but more importantly, aggravate people’s allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems with perfume, scented soap, fragrance shampoo and condtioner or even under arm deodorant that has that special scent no one can forget. ARGH.

So, anyway, I say, I have not greeted you well to day because your cologne is bothering me. The reply was, “Oh, I always wear cologne!” I am thinking, not like this. Then I hear, No one has ever told me that before. I say, people don’t want to tell you these things. I just thought you’d like to know why people may not tip you as well, or business is slow in your station. Then, well, I hear a very half hearted, ‘Sorry”. And, um, well, I didn’t need an apology. That won’t help me breathe better next time I am put in the path of the perfumer. So, then, this person gives us back a ten instead of the $9.85 we expected for our change, so we could leave a tip. And
with the $10, a little pat on my dh’s hand, saying you can keep the 15 cents. ARGH! Way not to handle it! We scrounged around and left $3.56 anyway and I said, now I have to blog this.

Please, to restaurant owners, managers, waitstaff and cooks around the world, please know that you are alienating dozens to hundreds of people (depending on your area population numbers) from coming to your restaurant because they are afraid they will have to leave, hold their breath, take extra medicine, face embarrassing coughing fits and goodness knows what all so that they can ‘enjoy’ their time out at a restaurant.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Kurry Kabab Indian Restaurant

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

I have heard that Kurry Kabob on HWY 3, is closing it’s doors this week. Sorry to see them go.
We were planning to visit them soon.

Please Don’t Stop the Music

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

I have enjoyed the Orchestras in Minneapolis and St. Paul. However, I had to stop going because a nice lady felt a need
to douse herself in cologne or perfume or soap. I could barely breathe, as I sat there with hankercheef over my face for the duration.
After the break, she came back with another dose for me. So many people have this problem, and the people who they might have taken along with them, that I called and told them, you would surely get more patrons if you would ban the use of perfume, or at least put up a sign asking people to be considerate. They said they could not. Sorry about that. So sorry.

An Old Poem

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

A poem about the Cannon River that I wrote in 2002 in response to a contest from the Book Store that used to be in town that I think Carleton owned. Not sure who sponsored it, but I was encouraged to submit a poem and I did. Here it is.

Every Ounce Counts

It’s not too syrupy,
We cannot bounce on it.
It changes a lot when
the geese all pounce on it.

It’s kinda like a skirt
when you look from the sky,
Oh, like the land has
a lacy flounce around it.

Though It’s really just a stream,
And there’s often lots of steam,
It’s purely water to keep clean
And we’d all like to announce ’bout it.

by Bright Spencer

The poem may nicely be read like a
river first flowing slowly and then
more rapidly as spring rains
fill the river full.

Gas Coupon URL

Monday, October 8th, 2012

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It’s Like When the Cat’s Away.

Friday, October 5th, 2012

I recently visited a restaurant that I had hope for. But after spending 45 dollars on a mediocre dinner, I am loosing that hope.
It’s kind of like politics. But, I don’t want to loose my appetite completely. SO, let me just say, yeah, I know the economy is sooo bad, and you can’t stay in business unless you make some cuts, but serving two different dishes without even a speck of green on the plate is really too much. If you need another quarter to give the plate some contrasting color that might cost 2 or 3 cents, charge us. We eat with our eyes. After a few bites, everything tastes the same in this country anyway. SO, when I go to a restaurant, I definitely want a pretty presentation, good non domineering competent service, and an experience beyond what we normally get at home. Plus I don’t want to wash the dishes and pans either. lol! If you cannot provide, get out of the kitchen!

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