Gee, Oh, The R Mal!

Four of five wells dug into my lawn

Geothermal.  As I type this out, a couple of men are using a couple of huge trucks to work on and drill four wells to set us up with a geothermal system that should save us quite a pretty penny.  While it costs quite a bit up front, the idea is to  Reduce Use, and that is what the R stands for in my subject headline.

Our new home has several hundred feet of glass and eletric tape heat which proved to be very expensive even during this last mild winter.  We have been looking at the three main types of off the grid systems and found this one for this instance most agreeable. WE did interview a few different agents and read all we could.  We wanted to get the tax rebate before it expires and we want to be good citizens of the earth as well, no pun intended.

The inner working have been installed, new delivery lines, new furnace and air conditioner systems.  The drilling started about ten days ago, but do to a broken drill tip, another incident or two, the holidays, weekend and whatever we hope to finish up this week.  I will be posting photos and follow up when we see how it all works in reality.

Until then, I would encourage you, especially commercial building owners to look into this technology to be able to provide yourself and your clients with an enjoyable ambient air environment.  If you are planning to be in your own home, or sell soon, I think this is a great feature to make your place a great place to live in or buy.   Wish us luck!
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