These are the last days of autumn. Snow is on the ground by it’s own decree. The clouds cover the blue of the Minnesota sky like they have the right to do. And I am finally missing my garden of flowers and colors and surprises.

I have been keeping busy writing some stories of my life down for the next generation and while doing so, I recalled the years my work in a floral shop in Chicago. There were so many great memories of those high school days at that lovely and large shop. I learned so much about plant life and how to care for it and how to arrange flowers and so much more.

As I was visualizing the time, one plant stuck out in my mind, however the name escaped me for hours until I saw a color on TV that reminded me of the color of some of these large velvety bell shaped flowers with big oval leaves. The Brazilian blooms come in many colors in the purple to pink scale with sometimes white outer coloring. Do you know what are yet? Well, the common name is simply gloxinia.

Perhaps you will remember the gloxinia appearing around Christmas time, as a showy house plant that can live for years with proper care, and is said to be related to the more demure violet plant. Like the violet, the gloxinia loves temperatures between 50 and 70 degrees F, warm water from below, and well drained soil. Never wet it’s leaves or bloom and never over or under water.

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