An Old Poem

A poem about the Cannon River that I wrote in 2002 in response to a contest from the Book Store that used to be in town that I think Carleton owned. Not sure who sponsored it, but I was encouraged to submit a poem and I did. Here it is.

Every Ounce Counts

It’s not too syrupy,
We cannot bounce on it.
It changes a lot when
the geese all pounce on it.

It’s kinda like a skirt
when you look from the sky,
Oh, like the land has
a lacy flounce around it.

Though It’s really just a stream,
And there’s often lots of steam,
It’s purely water to keep clean
And we’d all like to announce ’bout it.

by Bright Spencer

The poem may nicely be read like a
river first flowing slowly and then
more rapidly as spring rains
fill the river full.

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