Rivertown Cafe, Wabasha, MN

We were lucky to get a chance to visit the new and improved by new management of the Rivertown Cafe on Pembroke Avenue, Wabasha, MN. They keep short hours, til 3 PM most days and they do very well at serving a nice, low salt,
light touch menu.
I was very pleased to see salt and pepper on the table, along with jam, sugar, cream and condiments, like in the old days.
They also served a couple of pieces of pickle with the chicken sandwich D had, and my wrap came with a big helping of ranch dressing. The side salad actually had three cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds and a bit of ham, cheese and cabbage and a nice dab of dressing. My chicken wrap was filled with all kinds of good stuff and the wrap itself was light and deliciously so. (Regular readers may know how I have been complaining about the little extras being reduced week by week until now, we felt lucky to get a plate with our meals.)
They have a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu, even including meat loaf, hot roast beef and hot turkey sandwiches.
The atmosphere was clean, plain, very 50s, booths and tables and chairs, and the service was helpful and willing to make the tea right for us. The prices were a bit below local competitors and they don’t serve liquor.
All in all we had a good experience and would recommend the Rivertown Cafe to others.
Note: Pembroke Avenue is the street that runs into National Eagle Center.

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