A Very Serious Pizza Problem

Today I have had my eyes opened widely by the existence of one grocery item, the pizza. More particularly, the Italian pizza, hand rolled and with real mozzarella cheese that tastes very fresh. Like many Americans, we eat one of those American frozen pizzas once a week or so. They are fast, simple to make, easy clean up and fills the hole when you are busy with other more worldly things. I sometimes make my own pizza from scratch and they are so good, but I am not much of a long term planner and eat when hungry is my game.
But, I do know what fresh tastes like. Although I love George’s and Sammy’s pizza locally, and Arelio’s is my fav long distance. I don’t count Uno’s as a fav, cuz it’s more than pizza by far. I have tried the gluten free versions, crackers with sauce, basically.
But the Italian frozen hand rolled pizza with tomatoes and mozzarella we picked up yesterday would be my choice once a week, every week, if I could get it. It was tender, it was tasty, it seemed like it just came out of my over as for the freshness aspect of it. I could add olives, onions, pepper, and it wouldn’t seem out of place. I would love to see a full blown freezer aisle in any store that carried a product like that. And, yes, I have tried Connie’s, Red Baron, Ultimate, Green Mill, DiGiorno, all of them. Every one. Nothing comes close to my new discovery. Nothing.
My question is, why oh why can’t Amercan companies with all their research and development and years on the job, why can’t they come up with a pizza that doesn’t have to come from over a thousand miles away to make me happy. Really, people, I am not that fussy, but I ain’t a kid anymore, and I’d like to go into the last third of my life as a pizza loving gourmet. If you know anyone in the American food industry, pass this on! Thank you.

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