Amenities, Circuses and Ambience

When we go to a restaurant and pay for the meal, we are also paying for a great deal more. I do this all the time…think about the value of the food I am about to choose for breakfast, lunch or dinner and never think about the other amenities, circuses and ambiance that go into making the restaurant experience a complete sensual and practical experience.

Not only our we paying for the food, dishes, silverware, glasses, tables, chairs and heat or air conditioning, lights, music, staff salary, taxes, kitchen appliances, parking lot and building maintenance and repair, insurance and telephone bill, not to mention the wall decor, napkins, straws, water, the new hand towel dispenser at NGC, and in the case of Kurry Kabob, some lovely new hand embroidered table decorations that lie under glass and new decorative wooden room dividers. They also have one of the most beautiful crystal chandeliers I have ever seen .

So, now that i have digressed a bit, let me say that our last meal at Kurry Kabob, on Sunday the 14 of Dec, was so good…the buffet had a new dish, to me, of chicken in a almond and cashew based spicy hot sauce, oh it was good. Now, if you do not like hot and spicy, or if it doesn’t like you, it’s okay. You can ask the waitperson to get some mild version. No problem, they love to do it for you. Very accommodating people.

There was music, too, and I loved it. I really miss having music in restaurants. I know a lot of people find it distracting, but I find it stimulating to conversation and often, if it is music new to me, I find it serves to expand my field of knowledge and experience. I will sometimes ask the manager to give me the name of the artist performing and then buy that music if I can find it. Then, I go home and make a version of the food I liked, play the accompanying music, light the lights and pretend we are on an exotic island in the middle of nowhere. Sort of a mental mini vacation.

In conclusion, let me say that $8.95 isn’t too much for a hamburger when you look at all you are getting with it.

That’s my blurb for today, unless I think of some more before the hour is up. :) Until then, stay warm and stay tuned!

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