Welcome, Culver’s. We just got back, Friday afternoon about 1:00 PM we hustled ourselves into the new Culver’s on Highway 3 where the Southgate Cinema used to be. I haven’t been this happy in a week. We sauntered up to the counter and ordered our lunch right away. There was nearly a full house of people already seated, but we found a table near an outlet for my oxygen machine and waited with our number 59 and watched people order from the drive through and saw the incredible variety of highway traffic just beyond.

I waited for my North Atlantic Cod sandwich with fries and a lemonade/iced tea drink, known as an Arnold Palmer in other circles, and D had his usual double bacon cheeseburger and unsweetened iced tea.The food came within four minutes, hot and with a smiling server who offered and brought us ketchup and napkins.

We have eaten at three other Culver’s around the area, and so far, this one is by far the best. The biggest portions, the best service and the happiest servers. Oh, and the cool Frank Sinatra holiday music. To elaborate, the fish is juicy, tasty and tender, and so are the burgers. The fries are perfectly done, a little crispy, a little creamy and a lot of them. We love the custard, too, but watch those calories and split one with a friend. Save the blue silverware for a fourth of July picnic.

D said he likes Culver’s better than the Southgate, which we attended only twice about five years ago. D didn’t like it because he could see the screen flicker too much and I didn’t like it because my feet froze all through the movie, even though I had boots and heavy socks on them. So, good by Southgate, Hello, good food Culver’s! Next time I am going to try the chicken sandwich and buy the $25 gift card because you can get a free double hamburger when you do. We will surely find someone to use the card and I don’t think we will have to look far at all. :)

Oh, and kudos for the state of the art no touch rest room facilities!

Located at: 28175 Hopewood Drive, Northfield, MN 55057. 612- 251-6704

Culver’s is handicap accessible.

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