A Beautiful Sight

Today, we went over to the Northfield Golf Club for brunch. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining, the blue sky creating perfection all around and the snow showing her gleaming diamonds and dark blue shadows from the tall evergreen trees and hills. Footsteps and machine tracks and bunny hop marks all around.

Then, we saw something move, a large something, two somethings in back of a large hedge of bushes. We looked hard and nothing moved, but something was definitely there, through the window, over the snow and out a way. Suddenly a small movement and then another and another. Sure, it was a deer, and another deer. Oh, one stumbled, then they were off to the next cover of dark mass. Now, a leap, one was running a little more away from where we were each time. The other, not making it quite as quickly, more awkwardly, the first one waits for the slower one. The first deer, a large white tail female, runs again, scampering quickly over the open space, crossing halfway between the line of trees where they had been hiding and over the fairway out in the open. She stops and waits. The second one, another large animal, female I should think, came along, gettting started seemed to be the most difficult part, through the half foot of snow, but come along she did and then they were both off.

Meanwhile, I had been able to grab my new video camera, turn it on and point it out toward the deer and hope that I got all this on camera. We had just arrived at the restaurant when we saw the two beauties. D was hungry, so I let him go ahead and get some food while I stayed back to organize my things. I have not been this happy to get any shots since I got the skateboarders jumping artistically last July 4th. Why ?

Firstly, I could show D what I thought he missed while grazing, (he didn’t, everyone at that end of the restaurant was watching it all, too) and secondly, I wanted to have this touching beautiful scene on cd so I could see it over and over again. The compassion, the tenderness, the complete ability to give to another, and the ability to let a friend help you out…it is truly a blessed Christmas…thank you to the four leggeds for telling us that story.

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