La Vencedora

La Vencedora, a grocery store, restaurant and bakery. Located at CR 3 and Hwy 19 in Northfield, west side of 3.

It was a sunny autumn afternoon, just after 1PM. I walked in, was greeted by a lovely senora who graciously asked me, “Can I help you?” ‘Si’, I said showing off my Spanish :) , I ordered a corn taco, pork. Everyone was so nice. Did I want onions? Por favor, I bragged. Did I want cilantro? Did I want spicy green salsa? Si, si, si, I replied. It only took about a minute and then, there it was, my pork taco with everything. Gratias.

I took it home, shared it with dh and ate it. I was amazed, I was surprized, I was happy. Look folks, for $1.98 total we got a nice happy little snack. If I had two, that would be dinner for me. So delicious. The corn tortilla was not that rubbery one I am used to, the pork was lean and juicy and chunky, not ripped up shredded muckety muck. The cilantro had some guts to it, not that weaky, thin, and barely flavored cilantro I usually see around. Then, a nice hunk of fresh lime to go with it, and fresh onions, not those about to disappear ‘caramelized’ ones you don’t see but sort of feel. The green side container of salsa was very good. A deep spicy but mellowing out sort of salsa. I liked it mucho bueno.

I saw a man eating there with several plates set out before him. I want that next time.

How do you say ‘authentic’ in Spanish? Let me give them four stars so far.

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