Where the Smart Ones Go for Christmas Dinner Winona Garden Chinese and Thai Restaurant

Haha, I’m just joking around. Everyone knows we want to be home for the holidays around the hearth with friends, neighbors and family every single year. But there are times when that’s just not going to happen. People may not have anyone in the family that can cook, or they travel abroad, or become ill, it could be the weather that stifles travel or sometimes it’s just a little misunderstanding that will blow over in say, ten, twenty years. Sigh.

Well, we couldn’t wait for any of those disappointments so when I was lucky enough to discover this place on the Internet only yesterday. And please remember that these are American business people as I watch charges against China for it’s alleged business espionage. Sigh.

Anyway, I have been dying for Thai food. Back in Chicago, we had three Thai restaurants within three blocks. We ate there almost every day. Mmmm. We got fat, too. We did not realize at that time how many calories were in the food. Now, i almost always bring home half my meals eaten out for the next day. And I neither gain or loose weight from that choice.

SO, I had my favorite vegetable pad thai and dh had his fav beef basil. Both were decidedly delicious. They came with appetizers of soup and crab ragoon. We didn’t have drinks today, so we came out of there spending only $22, and that was with a holiday size tip.

The restaurant was clean, played quiet Chinese music and the waitress was very nice. There are 160 items or so on their menu and they have three sauces on the table. They will give to chop sticks if you ask and they are so much fun, I always get them.

I’ll keep this short today, only to say they are handicap friendly. See all the info below;


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