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What’s New in Wabasha

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

It’s been such a busy week here, like everyone is realizing hey, it might be the last of summer over the next few weeks. Here in Wabasha, we have had it all. The best of the summer festivities, music, and food!

Our farmer’s market grows each week as more food becomes available from mother earth and I have to say, the last batch of radishes and zuchinni we got was superb. Sweet and delicious.
We got duck eggs and they were great. I made a fast omelet with tomatoes, zuchinni, oregano and vinegar, a dash to lighten up the eggs for me. It was great. I’ll have another tomorrow! The farmer’s market also has three ways to pay. Credit card, ESB card, and another one you have to ask Sara about. Liam played guitar and sang for us and we were happy to give him a gift of money for his efforts.
We have had a few good meals at the Bluff View. Last night, a half a dozen scallops with pineapple salsa on a bed of baby greens was superb at 11 bucks, and the scallop were decent size. My husband had a steak which I thought looked delicious and he said it was indeed. We have also had a very nice Sunday buffet there a couple of times and relished in the fact that everything was so much better than the usual fare. Also about 11 dollars.

Where Have I Been?

Friday, August 24th, 2012

When the weather is nice, you’ll find me and D about anywhere good. We don’t pay much attention to the time, we just go, unless we go to Wabasha, and then, all you see is one great four faced clock newly installed with caroling bells and an assortment of happy tunes.
Wabasha has been a sleepy town, a boom town, and a sleepy town. Now it wants to be a boom town because, gee, heck, it’s right on
Hwy 60 and US 61 and it’s got a lot to offer after all is said and done. Bong Bong Bong! The Wabasha Clock was donated by The Ruth and George Doffing Fund. Wabasha is the oldest town in Minnesota.

I have also been eating at my fav watering holes, the New Bluff View Grille, up on the hill in the Coffee Mill golf club, run by the same people who have Fireside in Dennison. We had the chicken quesidillas for dinner tonight and they were g r e a t, like great! along with fresh avocado, tomatoes and onion. The full order was good for a five person appetizer, and my dinner. While the service is a bit slow, we had plenty of time to chat and view the gorgeous views, and when the order came, we got everything we ordered in perfect temperature and all together. Quite a feat. Come as you are!

I also love Town and Country Cafe in Kellogg, for it’s cheap eats and how they always welcome us as if we were family. I made a special order of grilled fish, and although our cook, Jenny, had never tried that before, she gave it a try, cooked the fish as I liked, and did a whopping good job of it! YAY, Jenny!

We noticed that the Historic Anderson House is opened with antique styled rooms and a lovely Dutch restaurant. See for more information. Get a massage while you are there.

The Good News and the Bad

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

First of all, I would like to thank you all for reading my blog and making me a sortofkindofasubceleb, as even here in my new digs, people have heard of me before I meet them. Kind of nice for a person who has been a wanderer for decades, often far from native home.

The bad news is that both Sarah’s of Red Wing, MN and Slippery’s of Grouchy Old Men fame have closed and UPDATE is now re-opened. I am so sorry to see Sarah’s go down. She was the chef of Norton’s for years til a divorce from her Husker Du husband. Argh. I really enjoyed our time there. I hope someone can make it go forward again. Truly.

Then, Slippery’s on the Mississippi River in Wabasha went into foreclosure. I have heard that the previous owners who retired will purchase and re-open next year. Hope so.

The other bad news is that Coffee Mill Golf Club’s Cherokee Grille is closing for the winter.

The good news is that there is still Nosh, The Railhouse Grille, T-Bones, and a Tex Mex place in Wabasha, as well as the Flour Mill Pizza and Ice Cream Parlor. There are others, but I haven’t been there yet.

December is the worst month for alcohol related accidents, so remember when you think you have it under control…people don’t abuse drugs, drugs abuse people. Drugs have more power than we give them credit for! Be safe, stay sober.

And have a happy holiday!