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What’s New in Wabasha

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

It’s been such a busy week here, like everyone is realizing hey, it might be the last of summer over the next few weeks. Here in Wabasha, we have had it all. The best of the summer festivities, music, and food!

Our farmer’s market grows each week as more food becomes available from mother earth and I have to say, the last batch of radishes and zuchinni we got was superb. Sweet and delicious.
We got duck eggs and they were great. I made a fast omelet with tomatoes, zuchinni, oregano and vinegar, a dash to lighten up the eggs for me. It was great. I’ll have another tomorrow! The farmer’s market also has three ways to pay. Credit card, ESB card, and another one you have to ask Sara about. Liam played guitar and sang for us and we were happy to give him a gift of money for his efforts.
We have had a few good meals at the Bluff View. Last night, a half a dozen scallops with pineapple salsa on a bed of baby greens was superb at 11 bucks, and the scallop were decent size. My husband had a steak which I thought looked delicious and he said it was indeed. We have also had a very nice Sunday buffet there a couple of times and relished in the fact that everything was so much better than the usual fare. Also about 11 dollars.

Anderson House, Wabasha Style

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

There is an historic Anderson House in Wabasha, MN where we had Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I have to say how pleased I am to have eaten there. The turkey was divine. I didn’t even need to gravy it up, which was good for me because I swore off potatoes, rolls, and anything white or carbohydrationized, except stuffing, or dressing, as some call it.
I had ham that was lean and juicy. I had a slice of acorn squash, baked and just really good. The green beans were fresh and in a fresh mushroom sauce, no cans here. I fell in love with the creamy cheesy onion dish which I have never before had. There was homemade cranberry sauce, apple pie and a nice side salad. I like to start with the pie. haha! We had iced tea and met some lovely people and had some great conversations.

The atmosphere is so sweet and historically correct, with some of the staff dressed as early settlers.
I do recommend for people to check this place out, to stay, to visit, to eat on special holidays and Sunday brunch.
There is a handicap access in the rear and the prices are reasonable. The food is really good home made style.
Call ahead for reservations 800-482-8188, or try stopping in as you drive through historic downtown Wabasha.

Silver Star Saloon and Grill, was Los Gringos Cantina

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Silver Star Saloon and Grill
170 Pembroke Ave, Wabasha, MN 55981
Phone 1-651-565-2800

is a nice little restaurant that is where we went the day before Christmas for lunch. And man, was I happy to eat there. Formerly it was Los Gringos Cantina, mostly Mexican, and very good, but we didn’t go there as much as we did take out from there, as the lunches seemed a little too costly. But they had a great take out deal and we went for that often.

Now, Silver Star has maintained most of the old Los Gringos Mexican fare, but has added some pretty good All American Cowboy sandwiches and appetizers. Dh had his usual bacon cheeseburger and fries and I tried their turkey burger which
I added a fried egg on top and a cup of guacamole on the side, plus fries and lemonade.

I had to take a double taste because I almost thought our man at the helm, Kyle, made a mistake and brought me red meat. No, it was a really good turkey burger and the best I have ever had to date. The texture was more like some hamburgers I have eaten in the distant past, and with the egg on top, lettuce, tomato and cheese, you get the complete spectrum of flavor that you want in a restaurant sandwich.

We also got to try the delicious chips and salsa. Compared to others, these were much thicker chips and much chunkier, flavorful salsa that one usually gets when out. More like homemade. I ate it up.

Dh liked his burger so much he actually said he’d put it in his top three, being Grundy’s and Northfield Golf Club in Northfield, but the golf club has changed chefs, so I cannot count that one in for sure, but Grundy’s is prolly still in on the count. SO, good for you Silver Star!

The atmosphere is friendly, very clean, handicap accessible, has 2 tvs, karioke on certain nights and is going to be closed for a month from Jan. 15 to Feb 15 of 2012 for refurbishing. If you come to see the Eagle Center, this is one of the best places to stop and dine. UPdate: Re-opened now and just as good as ever!

This June in Northfield

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

May has been fantastic around here weather wise and so has the entire Spring season.  It’s more like what I was used to growing up in Chicago, where being right on Lake Michigan makes the temperatures more temperate.   I can’t complain at all.  In fact, I will rave on a little about Northfield, as I just picked up one of the Northfield Entertainment GuideTM magazine for June, 2010, a free monthly publication compliments of By All Means Graphics and advertisers…oh, I found the guide at Perkin’s Restaurant where I just had a warmed blueberry muffin,mocha iced coffee, the best bacon mushroom creamed cheese omelette and a taste of dh’s strawberry cheese cake pie.  Oh, my! It was good and I ate too much, but that’s okay because I am back on the right weight train this week.

So, upon perusing the NE Guide,  I found lots of interesting info; we have Taste of Northfield coming up June 17 and 18 at Bridge Square from 4 to 10pm and Mandarin Gardens is opened during the construction on 4th Street, and the June issue of the NE Guide is dedicated to  musicians who really deserve a lot of attention and thanks, I am sure.  Then the Riverwalk Market Fair is opening on June 5th and you can see all about it at

Butler’s now has a deck overlooking the Cannon River, and I cannot wait to check that out.   There is a new restaurant opening at 303 S. Division called Pan Pan*, and I think I want to go there as soon as it does open…Thai coffee, my wish come true, and Asian noodles, my other wish come true.  Let’s see, what shall I wish for next, cuz Northfield is pretty good at making them all come true…oh, and Thanks to all our USA veterans for their good work in keeping the world free from tyranny.

We Salute You !

I don’t know if they mean pan pan as in the nautical call for possible assistance needed, or pan pan as in the small electric brunch pan sold on Amazon.

La Vencedora

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

La Vencedora, a grocery store, restaurant and bakery. Located at CR 3 and Hwy 19 in Northfield, west side of 3.

It was a sunny autumn afternoon, just after 1PM. I walked in, was greeted by a lovely senora who graciously asked me, “Can I help you?” ‘Si’, I said showing off my Spanish :) , I ordered a corn taco, pork. Everyone was so nice. Did I want onions? Por favor, I bragged. Did I want cilantro? Did I want spicy green salsa? Si, si, si, I replied. It only took about a minute and then, there it was, my pork taco with everything. Gratias.

I took it home, shared it with dh and ate it. I was amazed, I was surprized, I was happy. Look folks, for $1.98 total we got a nice happy little snack. If I had two, that would be dinner for me. So delicious. The corn tortilla was not that rubbery one I am used to, the pork was lean and juicy and chunky, not ripped up shredded muckety muck. The cilantro had some guts to it, not that weaky, thin, and barely flavored cilantro I usually see around. Then, a nice hunk of fresh lime to go with it, and fresh onions, not those about to disappear ‘caramelized’ ones you don’t see but sort of feel. The green side container of salsa was very good. A deep spicy but mellowing out sort of salsa. I liked it mucho bueno.

I saw a man eating there with several plates set out before him. I want that next time.

How do you say ‘authentic’ in Spanish? Let me give them four stars so far.