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What Goes Up Stays Up – The New Restaurant Price Hike

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

We were back in Northfield today getting our teeth cleaned and we also drove through downtown and watched the set up for the big weekend of Taste of and Listen to Northfield 2011. The real name is Taste Of Northfield 2011, the sixth annual such event…and well worth the effort to check it out…but I often feel like the world of sound is taken for granted yet if there were only silence at these festivals and outdoor events, people might have on a slightly different experience. Ahh, but I digress.

We went to George’s, our old standby, for lunch. We got off to a late start so we were not able to order a pizza like we planned, but remembered the delicious hot Pesto Sandwich they have with chicken and bacon on a big lightly flaky bun. It’s one of the best hot or cold sandwiches I have ever had.
We ordered one to split with some fries. The sandwich is huge, as are all their sandwiches. Now, to the point…the price went up about $1.50.

Most places we have gone to have hiked up prices from $1 or $2, or even $3 on dinner so don’t be surprised if you haven’t been out for a couple of months.

Just like so many other restaurants, grocery stores and other retail marts, prices have gone up, I guess it’s the gas prices at the root, and it has certainly changed my way of buying food. I don’t like not being able to get lunch under $25. I don’t like that I now cook all my beans from scratch instead of buying cans of organic garbanzo beans at $1.89 a can…but now I buy a whole big bag for that same amount and actually soak the beans myself..they are better that way, as you can control the salt and the flavor is more pronounced.

Now George’s Vineyard never raised their prices for years and years. And the sandwich w/ fries is big enough for two. We actually got out of there for $15.00 and that included a $4 tip for Meagan and an iced tea.

A lot of working men go into George’s at lunch, but so do women and children, seniors and bikers alike. It’s a nice clean place well run for anyone who is hungry. George (Phil) doesn’t pay me for this promo, and I doubt he even knows about it, but it’s just a great little establishment that keeps on ticking for me and mine…so I share it with you and hope you get a nice meal there and think, gee, Bright sure knows her great little establishments.

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