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What’s New in Wabasha

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

It’s been such a busy week here, like everyone is realizing hey, it might be the last of summer over the next few weeks. Here in Wabasha, we have had it all. The best of the summer festivities, music, and food!

Our farmer’s market grows each week as more food becomes available from mother earth and I have to say, the last batch of radishes and zuchinni we got was superb. Sweet and delicious.
We got duck eggs and they were great. I made a fast omelet with tomatoes, zuchinni, oregano and vinegar, a dash to lighten up the eggs for me. It was great. I’ll have another tomorrow! The farmer’s market also has three ways to pay. Credit card, ESB card, and another one you have to ask Sara about. Liam played guitar and sang for us and we were happy to give him a gift of money for his efforts.
We have had a few good meals at the Bluff View. Last night, a half a dozen scallops with pineapple salsa on a bed of baby greens was superb at 11 bucks, and the scallop were decent size. My husband had a steak which I thought looked delicious and he said it was indeed. We have also had a very nice Sunday buffet there a couple of times and relished in the fact that everything was so much better than the usual fare. Also about 11 dollars.

Anderson House, Wabasha Style

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

There is an historic Anderson House in Wabasha, MN where we had Thanksgiving Dinner this year. I have to say how pleased I am to have eaten there. The turkey was divine. I didn’t even need to gravy it up, which was good for me because I swore off potatoes, rolls, and anything white or carbohydrationized, except stuffing, or dressing, as some call it.
I had ham that was lean and juicy. I had a slice of acorn squash, baked and just really good. The green beans were fresh and in a fresh mushroom sauce, no cans here. I fell in love with the creamy cheesy onion dish which I have never before had. There was homemade cranberry sauce, apple pie and a nice side salad. I like to start with the pie. haha! We had iced tea and met some lovely people and had some great conversations.

The atmosphere is so sweet and historically correct, with some of the staff dressed as early settlers.
I do recommend for people to check this place out, to stay, to visit, to eat on special holidays and Sunday brunch.
There is a handicap access in the rear and the prices are reasonable. The food is really good home made style.
Call ahead for reservations 800-482-8188, or try stopping in as you drive through historic downtown Wabasha.

Anderson House

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Sunday Brunch was a nice step back in time when restaurants served food like mom served at home if you were
Pennsylvania Dutch or anything remotely close. Great slices of real ham, lovely strips of bacon, maple flavored sausage, lightly cooked sliced potatoes, three bean salad, green bean with peas, quiche, scrambled eggs, baking soda biscuits, toaster French toast and waffles, mixed seasonal fruit, endless juice, tea, coffee, then desserts; pumpkin bread, lemon cake, double chocolate cake, and brownie bites. All for $11.50 each.

The staff is very friendly, and although the front door has a couple of small steps, due to having to build up a little as it is one block off the Mississippi River, and therefore not handicap accessible, there might be a back way, call first.

The restaurant is only open on Sunday from 10am to 2pm. And the hotel is opened Thursday thru Sunday. Call first.

We very much enjoyed the atmosphere of lovely pieces of furniture and lighting, plus the good food and great staff. We’ll do that again.

Historic Anderson House is opened with antique styled rooms and a lovely Dutch restaurant in Wabasha, MN.
West Main Street

Where Have I Been?

Friday, August 24th, 2012

When the weather is nice, you’ll find me and D about anywhere good. We don’t pay much attention to the time, we just go, unless we go to Wabasha, and then, all you see is one great four faced clock newly installed with caroling bells and an assortment of happy tunes.
Wabasha has been a sleepy town, a boom town, and a sleepy town. Now it wants to be a boom town because, gee, heck, it’s right on
Hwy 60 and US 61 and it’s got a lot to offer after all is said and done. Bong Bong Bong! The Wabasha Clock was donated by The Ruth and George Doffing Fund. Wabasha is the oldest town in Minnesota.

I have also been eating at my fav watering holes, the New Bluff View Grille, up on the hill in the Coffee Mill golf club, run by the same people who have Fireside in Dennison. We had the chicken quesidillas for dinner tonight and they were g r e a t, like great! along with fresh avocado, tomatoes and onion. The full order was good for a five person appetizer, and my dinner. While the service is a bit slow, we had plenty of time to chat and view the gorgeous views, and when the order came, we got everything we ordered in perfect temperature and all together. Quite a feat. Come as you are!

I also love Town and Country Cafe in Kellogg, for it’s cheap eats and how they always welcome us as if we were family. I made a special order of grilled fish, and although our cook, Jenny, had never tried that before, she gave it a try, cooked the fish as I liked, and did a whopping good job of it! YAY, Jenny!

We noticed that the Historic Anderson House is opened with antique styled rooms and a lovely Dutch restaurant. See for more information. Get a massage while you are there.

Eagles, Not the Football Team

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Searching around the Internet can be somewhat frustrating at times when so many things are named for things that they are not. But, let’s not get into that right now. My focus is on an old problem with an old solution that was brought to my attention by a recent WCCO newscast. but still, our country’s incredibly beautiful and wonderful eagles are still being sickened and killed by highly toxic lead shot and lead bullets.

Lead is toxic and the effect on eagles is a painful and drawn out death. We took lead out of our paint because it was killing kids. Let’s take it out of our guns when hunting deer and other animals. Many states have laws that require the use of copper or other non-toxic ammunition and many people around here volunteer to do so because they know it makes their families safer, too, when they eat the game they shoot. Although it may be more expensive, it will certainly go along way to make up for the damage caused by lead.

The warmer season we are having this year only aggravates the situation as the deer entrails containing the lead left by hunters are more visible to eagles and others and therefore more accessible and visible as food.

If you are a hunter or know of one, please pass the information on and let’s reduce the number of eagles dying each year.
It’s bad enough they have to contend with harsh weather, other predators and vehicles. Give our eagles a break and take lead out of the equation.

If you google, “non toxic bullets deer hunting”, you will see dozens of articles that talk about this subject at length.

Also, please visit the eagles at the National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN. A beautiful building and museum right on the Mississippi River.

The Olde Triangle Tavern, Wabasha, Mn

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

The Olde Triangle Pub
219 W. Main St.
Wabasha, MN 55981
(651) 565-0256

We finally got around to trying out this cute little Irish style pub, which smelled a lot like Guiness which I suspected from the fact that everyone, meaning ten or so people all had a glass of beer with Guiness glasses along with their meal. While there is only about 6 table tops, a long bar and no outdoor service, the place gets quite a lot of action.

We had Irish Stew and Walleye Diinner. The stew was very authentic Irish Stew and quite good. The walleye was fantastic with it’s specilal light sauce along with a baked potato with a really well seasoned skin and green beans do die for…although I have to admit green beans have been a fav of mine since childhood, these were pretty unique in their edible qualities…no mush, beautiful color and flavor naturale.

I had to get out of there though because I am not a fan of alcohol odor to that degree. It must be an acquired taste, and though I am not opposed to a Coors light on ice once a year or less, I could never get used to the real beer smell that the European’s enjoy so well and I had to get going as soon as our bill was paid. Next time I’ll get the order to go…but am sure my beer drinking readers will do much better there. The food was worth the nasal remorse.

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T-bones Grill and Bar

Friday, May 13th, 2011

T-bones Grill and Bar
260 Main Street West
Wabasha, MN 55981
11 am – 10 pm daily

We floated into T-bones yesterday for the first time ever around noon time and were happy to see a familiar face. Darryl, a waiter we had met in another establishment was now working here for the same owner of both places. Anyway, he was glad to show us the menus and explained that we might be able to get some of the dinner menu items at lunchtime.

The atmosphere was really neat. Very high ceilings with dual floor seating and outdoor terrace seating as well. We are just a stone’s throw away from that mighty river, the ol Mississippi, and she is very high, but not that high yet. Whheew!

There are wine racks on one wall and long paper rectangle light fixtures drifting up by the ceiling. There is lots of natural lighting and there is a small sit down bar where you can watch tv and the top half of the kitchen goings on. Modern tile floor and all steel bathrooms, to boot! Very well done.

For lunch I had the Ceasar’s salad with chicken because I am watching my weight as I gained a few pounds over this dreary winter. But then, I asked for hash browns and they only have hash browns with delicious creamy gooey flavorful cheese. So, I got that, but then, feeling enourmously guilty, I traded half of it to dh for some of what he had to offer, which was beef au jus from his Italian style beef sandwich that I dipped my hot dog shaped dinner roll into. Good. Really good. I went a little crazy I guess…never go to a good restaurant hungry when you are watching your weight. Haha.

The food was all good. And at the end, dh had to order a seven layer chocolate cake which I tasted twice and have nothing whatsoever bad to say about it. Oh, yeah, dh ordered iced tea which I stole a sip from and it gets my vote for the strongest, yet not bitter unsweetened tea we have ever had. So, good job, T-bones. We’ll be back!

Stacy’s Kitchen, Wabasha, MN

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Stacy’s Kitchen is only opened until 2PM every day except Tuesdays so if you sleep til noon, you might miss out. So, Get Up, You Lazy Fool! Drag your self over there cuz the food is really good.

I and dh have been there twice already. I had the special lasagna and side salad with the bleu cheese dressing which is my secret way of telling what is to come after the salad, and dh had French toast and thick smoked apple bacon the first time which all was good enough to try a second time before we stamped our big important judgment on it. So, today, I had the special of the month Greek omelette with mushrooms, artichoke,tomato, feta cheese and black olives, and dh had his fav bacon dbl cheeseburger with kettle chips…and my personal favorite, a cold crisp garlic pickle spear. A real and rare treat these days. We also had two strong iced teas. Very nice.

Stacy serves the different flavored kettle chips in a tray, still in their individual sized bags. I brought the Maui Onion flavor one home to try…at $2.25 per bag along with their famous melt in your mouth cinnamon buns at only $2.50 each.

Stacy’s is just across the street from the U.S. Post Office and you can see the National Eagle Center from there, too.

Stacy’s is small, but laid out well so that there are quite a few table tops, very creatively decorated with very nice restrooms and, although it’s handicap accessible, I wouldn’t say it’s 100% easy due to a tight entryway and small step.